Group visits


The museum offers a rich and eclectic offering for groups. Get a change of scenery by discovering an incredible diversity of cultures.

GROUP ACTIVITIES (guided tours, narrated tours, workshops)


  • Guided tour: €170 for the guided tour + entrance ticket at €11* instead of €14 / person.
  • Free visit: €30 speaking fee + entrance ticket at €11* instead of €14 / person.
  • Children’s group workshop: €200
  • Mediation activity by videoconference (guided tours, narrated tours and workshops): €150
  • Concerts and shows: reduced rate of €10 instead of €20 / person. from a group of 15 people

* As the reduced rate or free entry may apply depending on the age or situation of the visitor, do not hesitate to read the detailed conditions here.

Information and reservation: 01 56 61 53 53, Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Duration: 60 to 90 minutes

A number of visitor options are available: an overview discovery tour, a themed tour, a single continent tour, a children or family tour, and a temporary exhibition tour. From the iconic works of the collections to the original circuits of the temporary exhibitions, travel across Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas to explore non-Western arts and cultures with a tour guide.

Guided tours of the temporary exhibitions

Guided tours are also possible for temporary exhibitions! To find out more, discover the exhibitions presented.

Guided tours of the collections

Age three to five

Awakening the Senses
Smell, hear, see, touch and taste: sensations to help children better understand the world around them. This tour invites children to discover works through observation, listening, stories, practice, games, dialogue and emotion. (Duration: 60 mins)

From Head to Toe
Looking at statues and recreating their poses, deciphering masks and imitating their expressions, understanding through movement: little ones learn about works through observation making use of their bodies. (Duration: 60 mins)


Each to their Own
The museum's objects can be surprising, scary and repulsive. You don't have to find all of them beautiful. But they are all fascinating! Take your pick: tell the guide which object intrigues you the most, then, together, try to discover what gives that object its value – in its original culture and in the museum's display cases. (Duration: 60 mins)

The Secret of the Mask
As you travel across Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas, discover masks made from a range of materials and for different purposes.  (Duration: 60 mins)

The Animal Trail
Identify materials of animal origin and find creatures hidden in the objects (masks, sculptures, everyday objects, fabrics, totems, paintings, religious objects, musical instruments, etc.) from all over the world. (Duration: 60 mins)

'Continent' Tours
Travel across Africa, Asia, Oceania, the Americas, and North Africa and the Middle East as you talk with a tour guide. Five stopover visits are arranged for you. (Duration: 60 mins)


An initial overview of the collections of the musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac, focusing on a selection of emblematic works. (Duration: 90 mins)

Surprise Tour!
Direct your tour guide around the big museum-gameboard of the musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac. Design the circuit of this unique visit yourselves based on your goals and throws of dice. A one-of-a-kind tour, just for you. (Duration: 90 mins)


History of the Collections
From the oldest objects from the royal collections to recent acquisitions, discover the history of the collections of the musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac through works from Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. (Duration: 90 mins)

Spirits and Ancestors
This visit helps you discover how each group of people understands and comes to terms with death by observing ritual objects, masks, musical instruments and sculptures. (Duration: 60 mins)

Beyond the provenance of objects, the mixing of them bears witness to different cultures clashing, trading and interacting with one another. As humans, materials and ideas have flowed around the globe, contact has been made between neighbouring populations and Europeans that has been reflected in the artistic works of Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. (Duration: 60 mins)

There are many kinds of borders: geopolitical, social, cultural, aesthetic and more. They mark limits between peoples and their lands as much as they mark connections and contact between societies and cultures. This themed tour is both a new discovery of the museum's collections and a chance for reflection and debate. (Duration: 60 mins)

Humans and Environments
Discover how environments forge human cultures and how humans interact with their environments, shaping and protecting them. This tour focuses on the rich diversity of ways of being in the world, of ways of thinking about and interacting with the environment (animals, plants and natural elements). (Duration: 60 mins)

The World and its Origins
From one group of people to another, narratives and beliefs vary and stir our curiosity. Works like sculptures, masks, paintings and religious objects reflect traditional tales and form part of them. These narratives are often mythical and recount the origins of the world, humans and gods. (Duration: 60 mins)

Clothing and Adornments
What do a people's clothes, jewellery, headdresses and adornments – worn daily or for major ceremonies – say about their relation to the body and identity? Do they express an interest in appearance or symbolise special status in power and social standing? This tour focuses on the aesthetic approach and ethnological significance of non-Western clothing and adornments. (Duration: 60 mins)

Differentiation between the sexes has been approached differently in the societies of Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. The relation between men and women in society can be especially seen in the division of labour and designation of domestic roles.
How do gendered identities, which are cultural and social constructs, find expression in everyday life or through special figures? (Duration: 60 mins)

Initiation Rites
Rites of passage punctuate the lives of people in Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. Initiations can be tribal or religious. They provide access to a world of adults or a secret society.
The works observed in this tour (statues, masks, costumes, religious objects, everyday objects and more) reveal a diversity of situations and help see modern practices in light of those of some cultures represented in the museum's collections. (Duration: 60 mins)

Tattoos and Scarification
Since the dawn of time in so-called traditional societies in all continents, people have marked their flesh with temporary or permanent signs. This tour reveals the diversity of bodily transformations and the purposes of these practices in different cultures through selected examples from Oceania, Asia, Africa and the Americas. (Duration: 60 mins)

Visions of Beauty
How can we understand the beauty of objects from the antipodes and the images and emotions they evoke both here and elsewhere? Through works from around the world, this tour offers different perspectives: how does the West see these objects and understand them through the prism of its own aesthetic values? And, conversely, how do non-Western cultures see their own works? (Duration: 60 mins)

Shamans and Healers
From Asia to the Americas, men and women have played the vital role of the shaman to communicate with the world of the spirits. Discover the tools, costumes and practices of shamans. (Duration: 60 mins)

All Different
How are those who are different represented in the world's cultures on the four continents? What objects are specific to them? What place do they have in each society? Through this multisensory tour, open to all, visitors can discover otherness in different cultures and the many portrayals of it. (Duration: 60 mins)


Sex and sexualities are not always private matters, but can reveal and form society and social order. This tour goes against stereotypes to explore certain representations and practices in a number of non-Western societies. (Duration: 60 mins)

The work of Jean Nouvel
This tour takes visitors throughout the museum building – from the glass palisade and the Claude Lévi-Strauss Theatre to the Musical Instrument Tower and the Main Collections Level – to reveal Jean Nouvel's architectural and museological project. (Duration: 90 mins)


Duration: 60 minutes

Discover the works from a different perspective with an immersion in the oral traditions of different continents, within the permanent collections or certain temporary exhibitions. Professional storytellers take you on a journey across a continent and adapt to audiences of all ages.

You can choose a storytelling tour by continent, a cross-cutting storytelling tour or a storytelling tour in certain temporary exhibitions.

Age three and under

My Little Storytelling Tour: Mummy Snake / The Little Bear's Journey
A storyteller accompanies little ones on their initial discovery of the museum through stories and songs. Two themes are proposed: 'Mummy Snake' or 'The Little Bear's Journey' (Duration: 60 mins)

Age three to five

Around the World
A journey through games, stories and songs to awaken little ones to works from Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. (Duration: 60 mins)


From the heart of the Sahara Desert to the headland of Cape Town, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean, discover the land of the dawn of time and encounter spirits and ancestors. (Duration: 60 mins)

The Americas
From the North Pole to the South Pole, discover tales from the dawn of the Americas. A journey between two stars, between land and sea, between sun and wind. (Duration: 60 mins)

King Hung Vuong has devoted his life to governing Vietnam. But now the time has come to hand over the throne to one of his twenty sons, in accordance with tradition. To decide between them, he's asking them to meet a challenge that's delightfully devilish. Follow the trials and tribulations of the Dragon's sons through tales and legends! (Duration: 60 mins)

Middle Eastern Nights
Enter the nomadic world of tales that travel: from Marrakesh to Samarkand, from deserts to wadis, from rural spots to urban bustle. (Duration: 60 mins)

Embark on an adventure as the Pacific waves carry you from island to island! Discover a world of sacred lands where trees become masks and drums, where flutes sing about the lives of ancestors, where feathers crown chiefs, and where dreams are captured in painting and told. (Duration: 60 mins)

Soothsayers and Sorcerers
Through tales, a storyteller reveals to children the secrets of soothsayers, sorcerers, shamans and healers from all over the world. (Duration: 60 mins)

From the Lunar New Year in Asia to end-of-mourning processions in Oceania, from the Moroccan Ashura holiday in Morocco to the La Diablada dance in Bolivia, follow the different forces of transgression in the world reflected in tales told by a storyteller. (Duration: 60 mins)



Women at the World's Heart
Against the grain of common portrayals, explore the role of women in different societies. Women are not just wives and mothers. They are also warriors, strategists, queens and magicians. These reflections are based on tales, myths and legends from the civilisations of Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. (Duration: 60 mins)


Creation Myths
Immerse yourself in oral traditions and in the world's creation myths and human origin myths through symbolic objects from Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas.


Duration: 90 or 120 minutes

Participatory workshops allow visitors to gain a better understanding of the artistic practices of the civilisations presented at the museum.

Please note: remember to book in advance as there are few timeslots available.

These workshops combine creative activities with sharp observation of a number of works. Young visitors are awoken to another culture, to its heritage and artistic expressions through observation, dialogue and practice.

Tip: in order to give the mediator an idea of your group's profile in advance, please provide us with all useful information when making your booking. On the day of your visit, also remember to introduce your group to the mediator (characteristics of your group, your projects, any difficulties, etc.) and feel free to speak during the session (questions, comments, etc.).

Please feel free to contact us at +33 (0)1 56 61 53 53 Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 5pm for advice tailored to your situation.

Age three to five

A poetic workshop on the sounds, rites and customs connected to rain!
Rain is so vital to life on earth that it deserves our dancing and singing! At the heart of the collections, little ones can observe works from different continents, find symbolic patterns in them and discover, in the workshop, rituals which they take part in through brief musical practice or by making an object that repels rain. (Duration: 90 mins)

Magical Object
Little bells, pearls, shells: in the central African school of wizardry, children can create their own means of protection.
On the Main Collections Level, little ones observe the statues, masks and accessories used by soothsayers (or Nganga) from the Kongo people of central Africa. Then, in the workshop, they create their own magical objects. (Duration: 90 mins)

Secret Dolls
Wood, pig teeth, spider webs: fabulous marionettes from Vanuatu unveil their mysteries. By closely observing the diversity of materials used in works from Oceania displayed on the Main Collections Level, little ones create, in the workshop, fantastical characters that are brought to life by their stories and secrets. (Duration: 90 mins)

  • Prepare or extend your workshop by downloading the educational resource file

Chief's Feather
Painted hides, feathered headdresses, pearls adornments, sign languages and animal totems help little ones learn about the Plains Indians' cultural wealth and earn their first chief's feather! (Duration: 90 mins)

  • Prepare or extend your workshop by downloading the educational resource file

Age six to eight

Inside Masks
In the Congo Basin, simple geometric-shaped masks are used in initiation ceremonies and festivities honouring ancestors and spirits of nature. They are used by dancers to protect the community from evil spirits and diseases. After observing the wealth of central African art on the Main Collections Level, children are invited to create their own mask in the workshop and give it a protective role. (Duration: 120 mins)

The Other Toy
After spending time on the Main Collections Level to think about what being a child is like elsewhere in the world, participants discover and practise new games like Oware (Western Africa) and string figures (Inuit regions).
As part of a socially responsible initiative, each child gifts one of their toys (under certain conditions: no battery-powered, electronic or war-themed toys) to a child in a refugee camp. (Duration 120 mins)
In partnership with the UN Refugee Agency and Aviation Without Borders.

Painting Dreams
'The Dreamtime' of the Australian Aboriginals traces the world's origins on bark or canvas. Children observe examples of this dreaming, mapping and symbolism on the Main Collections Level, then, in the workshop, they get to grips with Aboriginal aesthetics and pictorial techniques while adopting their perspective on the world. (Duration: 120 mins)

Shadow Play
In the Asia collections, children discover the ingenuity of shadow play and the brilliance of traditional tales. Then, in the workshop, it is their turn to control real figures and breathe life into an extract from the epic Ramayana. (Duration: 120 mins)

Bantu Rhythms
After observing works produced by populations spread from Cameroon to Kenya, from the Central African Republic to South Africa, children listen to a tale about them, emblematic musical instruments and traditional pieces of music. When they return to the workshop, they continue the adventure by playing percussion instruments. (Duration: 120 mins)

Age nine to twelve

The Patterns Factory
Set off to discover the mysteries of fabrics from India and Iran: Kalamkari art. After visiting the collections and observing works, children are introduced to the technique of stamp printing and produce their own patterns in the workshop. (Duration: 120 mins)

Archaeology Mission
On an archaeological dig in the workshop, children find remnants of pre-Columbian civilisations. Then, in the museum's collections, they compare these to original works and discover the cultures of Central America. (Duration: 120 mins)

On the Road of Pearls (in the exhibition On The Road of Chiefdoms of Cameroon: 5 April–17 July 2022)
Description available soon.

Age nine to fifteen

Destination Music
Listen, observe and play! As a group, discover the music that beats the rhythm of different peoples worldwide thanks to the treasures of the museum's Musical Instrument Tower, through demonstrations and collective music-making in the workshop. (Duration: 120 mins)


Travel Journal
Head off the beaten track on a path your tour guide has chosen for you and discover what each of these faraway lands contains in terms of beauty, surprising practices and enticing differences. Travel through crossroads of civilisations and cultures, calling on all your senses, then in the workshop put together what will be the most beautiful souvenir of your journey! (Duration: 120 mins)

Museum Investigation
Discover the job of ethnologist!
A mysterious object has been brought out of the museum's storerooms. Will your group be able to identify it? You form several teams from leading universities, equipped with digital tablets. Venture into the Main Collections Level and carry out a real ethnological investigation with your group. (Duration: 120 mins)


Pour visiter le musée en groupe, avec ou sans conférencier, la réservation d’un créneau de visite est indispensable. Si vous souhaitez venir avec votre propre conférencier, vous devez au préalable demander un « droit de parole ».


  • Visite libre : 30 € de droit de parole + billet d'entrée à 11 €* au lieu de 14 € / pers.

* Le tarif réduit ou la gratuité de l'entrée pouvant s'appliquer en fonction de l'âge ou la situation du visiteur, n'hésitez pas à lire les conditions détaillées ICI.

Information et réservation : 01 56 61 53 53, du lundi au vendredi, de 9h30 à 17h.


PRICE: €10 per person

Fifteen people minimum. Booking required

Take advantage of special rates for groups when attending performances and concerts scheduled all year in the museum's auditorium, the Claude Lévi-Strauss Theatre. An opportunity to discover artists from Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. Advantage: your ticket for the performance or concert grants – on the same day at no additional cost – access to the museum's permanent collections and temporary exhibitions.

Shows and concerts