Access to the museum


Access to the Museum



  • Debilly entrance - 37, quai Branly - opposite the Debilly Footbridge
  • Université entrance - 218, rue de l’Université
  • Terrace pools entrance - 206, rue de l’Université

As a result of the implementation of the highest terror alert level of the Vigipirate Plan, the musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac can be accessed only via the Debilly entrance (37, quai Branly) and the Université entrance (218, rue de l’Université). We thank you in advance for your comprehension.

Physically disabled access only - Terrace pools entrance - 206, rue de l’Université

Metro stations

  • Line 9: Alma-Marceau or Iéna
  • Line 8: Ecole Militaire 
  • Line 6: Bir Hakeim 

RER stations - line C

  • RER C: Pont de l’Alma or Champ de Mars - Tour Eiffel

Bus stops

  • Line 42: Tour Eiffel or Bosquet-Rapp stops
  • Lines 63, 80, 92: Bosquet-Rapp stop
  • Line 69: Champ de Mars stop
  • Line 72: Musée d'Art Moderne - Palais de Tokyo or Alma Marceau stops
  • Line 82: Varsovie or Champs de mars stop
  • Line 87: Rapp-La Bourdonnais stop

Velib' stations


  • Tour Eiffel stop


  • Quai Branly park- 25, quai Branly
  • George V  park - 10, avenue George V
  • Joffre Ecole Militaire park - 2, place Joffre

Spaces reserved for those with reduced mobility

  • corner of rue de l’Université and avenue de la Bourdonnais
  • 211 rue de l’Université
  • 22 rue Montessuy
  • 15 avenue Franco-Russe
  • 5 avenue Franco-Russe
  • corner of avenue Franco-Russe and avenue Rapp
  • 179 rue de l’Université
  • 8 rue Edmond Valentin
  • 31 avenue Rapp

Following the terror attacks in Paris on Friday, November 13, 2015 and to ensure the safety of our visitors, the museum is strictly applying the security measures decided by the French authorities:

  • The museum is fully opened.
  • All luggages and big items are not allowed.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and delay which may be caused by the extra security checks at the entrance.