A 21st century collection


This private collection is a manifesto providing an overview of the era and life of its collector. A garden of maturity cultivated in secret, it forms a universe of works selected from the history of the arts of humanity from Antiquity to the modern day, where African sculpture reiterates loudly proclaims its eminent place through a series of masterpieces. A selection of sixty eclectic references illustrates the choice of an atypical humanist curious about others, giving an original and personal definition of the collection.

Objects related to dreams and emotion viewed with respect and admiration punctuate this exhibition which emphasises the need to share the universality of this heritage.


34.7 × 25.1 cm • 175 pages • hardback • €49
Joint publication musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac / Flammarion 2016
ISBN: 9782081377042