Analyses of collections


The material study of collections is required in order to improve knowledge of the objects, ensure their preservation and to accompany their restoration.

To meet these expectations, the heritage and collections department is equipped with tools for examination and analysis which enable the initial elements regarding the object materials and technology to be provided to the conservators and restorers.

Physical and chemical studies and more detailed examinations are carried out in collaboration with universities and specialised laboratories in the context of public tender, partnerships and agreements.
Actions are carried out as a function of the needs identified by the analysis officer:

  • as a support to the restoration;
  • as a support to the preventive preservation;
  • in the context of acquisitions;
  • in the context of object studies.
  • Analyse d'une peau de bison peinte du Nord des Etats-Unis
  • Scanner d'un paquet funéraire du Pérou
  • Analyse de structure moléculaire (spectroscopie raman)
  • Analyse au microscope électronique à balayage d'une statutette inca en argent

Analyse d'une peau de bison peinte du Nord des Etats-Unis, en collaboration avec le C2RMF

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