Hugo Aveta



Hugo Aveta studied film and architecture, and has featured in numerous exhibitions: at the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art, at the Caraffa Fine Arts Museum in Córdoba, in Belgium and in Spain, to name a few. In 2009, he took part in the second Mercosur Biennial in Brazil and in the second Biennial of the End of the World in Ushuaia. In 2002, he received the First Award of Honour of the National Salon of Visual Arts. His works are displayed in the MNBA, Caraffa, MACRO, MAMBA, and MOLAS collections. In 2012, Hugo Aveta received the Résidence Photoquai Research Grant to create an original project on Latin American places of remembrance.



2012 Photographic Residencies

For the Résidences de Photoquai, Hugo Aveta extended his work in Argentina to other Latin American countries.He set out to rediscover the shared past of Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia and Paraguay by following the indelible traces left in places steeped in life and death, all symbols of the events that darkened the history of the South American continent. Through this project - with models followed by photographs -, the artist seeks to transform collective memory into a story.

Series produced between 2012-2013.