30 Mar 2023 26 Aug 2023

Tattooists, tattoed

at CaixaForum, Valencia, Spain

The "Tattooists, Tattooed" exhibition looks back to the origins of tattooing and presents this now permanent, globalised phenomenon.

The exhibition looks back to the origins of tattooing and presents the revival of this now permanent, globalised phenomenon. Through an anthropological, geographical and artistic approach, it explores the different uses and functions of tattooing across cultures and eras. As an ancestral practice, "identity marking", an object of fascination and contemporary artistic creation, the tattoo has a multi-faceted social and anthropological role and is the subject of various different representations.

This exhibition brings together over 150 historical and contemporary works from many different regions around the world. The exhibits include some twenty silicone prototypes tattooed by masters of the art from all over the world, and around twenty tattoo projects painted on banners. In addition to the history of tattooing and its strong anthropological roots, the exhibition highlights the gesture of the artist, the exchanges between tattooists around the world and the emergence of syncretic styles.


    • Head curator : Anne Richard, HEY! modern art & pop culture
    • Associate curator : Sarah Ligner, Head of tje Heritage Unit for Historical and Contemporary Globalisation
  • Duration:  13:03
  • Place:  CaixaForum, Valence, Espagne
  • TimeSlots:
    From Thursday 30 March 2023 to Saturday 26 August 2023

    Timeslot public :   All publics
  • Public:   All publics
  • Categorie : Touring exhibitions