Vue de l'exposition "Nous avons mangé la forêt
23 Jun 2006 17 Dec 2006

"We Have Eaten the Forest"

Georges Condominas in Vietnam

This exhibition pays tribute to the fieldwork of the great ethnologist Georges Condominas, who collected some 500 objects between 1948 and 1950 in the Vietnamese village of Sar Luk, a large number of which are conserved at the musée du quai Branly.

About the exhibition

The exhibition features a selection of some 140 pieces of different shapes, materials and uses: basketwork (harvesting baskets, mats and traps, household containers), agricultural tools (machetes, axes), crafts tools (weaving, pottery) tobacco pouches and pipes, toys and learning tools (the adult world in miniature), numerous magical and religious objects (for exorcisms, agricultural rites, buffalo sacrifices), fine clothing and accessories for men and women as well as musical instruments. These are supplemented by previously unseen photographs and working documents: notes, field sketches, audio recordings, a video, a film shot in 1995 on Georges Condominas' return to Sar Luk and quotations taken from his books 'Nous avons mangé la forêt' [We Have Eaten the Forest] and 'L'Exotique est quotidien' [The Exotic is Everyday].

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    From Friday 23 June 2006 at Sunday 17 December 2006
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