Vue de l'exposition "L'aristocrate et ses cannibales"
23 Oct 2007 13 Jan 2008

The Aristocrat and his Cannibals

Count Festetics de Tolna’s Voyage to Oceania (1893 – 1896)

‘The Aristocrat and his Cannibals’ exhibition retraces twelve stages of the story of the Hungarian count, Festetics de Tolna.

About the exhibition

Designed as a journalistic chronicle of his journey, the exhibition highlights some of the most significant aspects of an imaginary, ideological, ethnographic and historic context of the Pacific at the end of the 19th century. The navigational chart is visible throughout the visit and it constitutes the central theme, thus enabling the visitor to place the events, meetings and characters with whom his journey was punctuated.

  • Curator

    •  Roger Boulay, Head of Oceanian Collections with Direction des Musées de France, assisted by Judit Antoni, archeologist and anthropologist.
  • Place:   Mezzanine est
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    From Tuesday 23 October 2007 at Sunday 13 January 2008
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    Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday:  10:30 am-07:00 pm
    Thursday:  10:30 am-10:00 pm
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