Vue de l'exposition "Tarzan"
16 Jun 2009 27 Sep 2009

Tarzan !

“It was as though I had been suddenly snatched back through countless ages to a past that was long-dead and dropped into the midst of the prehistoric life of my Paleolithic progenitors” “Tarzan thought of the fragile frontier between the primitive and the civilised”. Edgar Rice Burroughs Copyright © by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. All Rights Reserved

About the exhibition

 This exhibition, dedicated to a popular culture icon, allows the public to discover how the hero was created and decipher the myth that he embodies.

Although Edgar Rice Burroughs is the father of the Tarzan character, all those who used him in comics, films, posters, models, records, games, etc refer to collective images and representations that helped to give shape to one of our century’s greatest mythological stories.

The exhibition looks at the origins and nature of Tarzan, as a character as well as a myth (from Saturnin Farandoul, a 1914 documentary, to Greystoke in 1983), and redefines the character as a modern hero fighting for the protection of nature.

  • Curator

    • Roger Boulay is an anthropologist, a specialist in the art of Oceania and an exhibition curator. He was curator for the exhibition "L'aristocrate et ses cannibales : le voyage en Océanie du comte Festetics de Tolna, 1893 - 1896" (The aristocrat and his cannibals : the voyage of the Count of Festetics de Tolna, 1893 – 1896, to Oceania), held in 2007 at the musée du quai Branly.
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    From Tuesday 16 June 2009 at Sunday 27 September 2009
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