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08 Jun 2022 11 Sep 2022

Microbial worlds

Living with Small Beings

Microbes, "small beings" and other organisms form the core of this exhibition which examines their connections to and impacts on human behaviour.

We believe that microbes cause diseases that spread through epidemics. But let us not forget that the “small beings” that make up the world are a source of wonder to those studying them under the microscope. Distancing ourselves from microbes in order to alter their behaviour, categorising their diverse forms and controlling their proliferation are an extension of how other societies trap insects and spirits so as to interact with them.

Beyond the fear that microbes spark due to their ability to work in the infravisible, known to us for two centuries, the exhibition also reminds us of their long-standing use in fermentation. Through their presence in our foods and drinks, microbes represent connections between the world inside of us and the world outside of us. What can infect us if we do not stay at bay can also be cultivated as a way to form worlds.

By incorporating scientific tools, ethnographic objects and contemporary artworks, the exhibition suggests how to cope with the disorder caused by the small beings around us.


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  • Curator

    • Frédéric Keck, Research Director at the Laboratory of Social Anthropology (CNRS)
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    From Wednesday 08 June 2022 at Sunday 11 September 2022
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