Le complot d'Aristote © Jean Pierre Bekolo
The 14 Oct 2018

Le complot d'Aristote

Jean-Pierre Bekolo

Science-fiction, conte ludique, thriller, faux (et vrais !) documentaires, l’œuvre du cinéaste d’avant-garde franco‑camerounais Jean-Pierre Bekolo explore tous les genres cinématographiques dans l’optique de déconstruire les stéréotypes sur l’Afrique et son cinéma.

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    The Sunday 14 October 2018 from 14:00 to 15:11
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    • Handicap moteur
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  • As part of:   Rétrospective Jean-Pierre Bekolo
Le complot d'Aristote © Jean Pierre Bekolo
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ARISTOTLE'S PLOT (dir. Jean Pierre Bekolo, 1996)
Trailer for Spectacle Theater ARISTOTLE'S PLOT dir. Jean Pierre Bekolo, 1996 72 mins. France/UK/Zimbabwe In English, and French with English subtitles. In 1996, the British Film Institute commissioned Bekolo as the African filmmaker for its series celebrating the first 100 years of film. Poor BFI, it couldn't have been ready for Aristotle's Plot. This is a balls-to-the-walls meditation on the meaning and purpose of "African film" with aesthetic, rather than geographic, ambition. As critic Michael Dembrow has observed, you need to listen as much as you watch to understand this movie. "Much the experience comes from the sound-track--from the lyrics to songs and, more importantly, Bekolo's voice-over narration. As we try to put all the pieces together, the plot turns back on itself, scenes are repeated, characters prance around like the pawns and symbols that they are." We couldn't have said it better ourselves. SPECTACLE THEATER 124 S. 3rd St. @ Bedford spectacletheater.com | facebook.com/spectacletheater | twitter.com/spectaclenyc | spectacletheater.tumblr.com
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