Vue de l'exposition "Maya, De l'aube au crépuscule"
21 Jun 2011 02 Oct 2011


From dawn to dusk, National collections of Guatemala

Through the presentation of over 160 exceptional objects belonging to the National Heritage of Guatemala – painted ceramics, steles, cut semiprecious stones, funerary objects, architectural remains, ornaments, etc. – the exhibition retraces the development of the Maya civilization, its rise and decline before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in 1524 C.E.

About the exhibition

In order to present the public with a wider and more complex understanding of Maya culture, the chosen objects come from three large regions of Guatemala: the highlands, the lowlands, and the Pacific coast.
The exhibition also presents the discoveries made at multiple, recently studied sites, such as El Mirador, at the head of a group of five sites selected in 2002 by the Guatemalan government for nomination to the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. This latest research enables the visitor to be presented with a fuller and more complex understanding of Maya culture. The exhibition ends with a contemporary section that integrates multimedia and photographs. This gives a broader view of ancient and contemporary Maya culture, and creates a link between past and present.

  • Curator

    •  Juan-Carlos Melendez, director of the National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology in Guatemala City

    Scientific advisor

    • Richard Hansen, archaeologist
  • Place:   Mezzanine est
  • TimeSlots:  
    From Tuesday 21 June 2011 at Sunday 02 October 2011
    mardi, mercredi et dimanche de 11h à 19h jeudi, vendredi et samedi de 11h à 21h
  • Closed on monday
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday:  10:30 am-07:00 pm
    Thursday:  10:30 am-10:00 pm
  • Public:   All publics
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