Exposition "Lapita, ancêtres océaniens" : peignes à tatouer
09 Nov 2010 09 Jan 2011


Oceanic Ancestors

The LAPITA, Oceanic ancestors exhibition showcases a panorama of the Lapita ceramic tradition through an exceptional selection of objects and fragments of objects originating mainly from New Caledonia and Vanuatu.

About the exhibition

Based on recent archaeological discoveries that have led us to reassess our knowledge of prehistoric Oceania, the exhibition repositions Lapita ceramics – which date back 3000 years - in its historical and archaeological context.

It displays the technical specificities and stylistic diversity of Lapita objects and analyzes the still prevalent heritage of these decorative pieces in contemporary Oceanic decorative traditions. 
The first international exhibition on the subject, LAPITA, Oceanic ancestors, is a testimony to the history of the settlement of Remote Oceania.

The Lapita ceramic tradition is historically linked to the first settlement of Austronesian language speakers in the Southwest Pacific, from the middle of the second millennium BC. These potteries, the first fragments of which were discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, remain the most identifiable archaeological markers of the spread of these populations.


    • Christophe Sand and Stuart Bedford
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    From Tuesday 09 November 2010 at Sunday 09 January 2011
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