Vue de l'exposition "Ivoires d'Afrique"
19 Feb 2008 11 May 2008

African Ivories

From the 16th century, pieces of ivory sculpted by African artists, in areas such as the mouth of the Congo, Sierra Leone or present-day Nigeria, were included in aristocratic collections and regarded as exotic and luxurious works, rather than objects of curiosity.

About the exhibition

This exhibition brings together twenty of the most ancient African objects collected by Europeans and nowadays conserved in French collections, alongside documents evoking the history of the African continent and its productions as well as the question of how iconographic designs circulated between Europe and Africa. 'African Ivories' presents a little-known side of the history of art history and artistic tastes to the general public. 

  • curator

    • The eminent Italian specialist in African arts Ezio Bassani, born in Valese, has been the curator of - and author of the catalogues for – numerous exhibitions held in France, Italy, the United States, Japan, Switzerland and Belgium. He notably produced the exhibition 'Africa. Masterpieces from a continent' in Turin in 2004.
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    From Tuesday 19 February 2008 at Sunday 11 May 2008
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