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25 noviembre

lauréat de la bourse du Cercle Lévi-Strauss 2011-2012

Call for applications

The Musée du quai Branly has implemented a scholarship program to document its collections. The scholarship’s purpose is the funding of field investigations and/or documentation on the museum’s collections on the arts of Africa, Asia, Oceania and of the Americas.

Three scholarships of up to 6,000 euros are offered for 2011-2012. One of them, the Cercle Lévi-Strauss scholarship, is financed by the Amis du musée du quai Branly ; the two others by the department of heritage and collections and by the department of research and education.

The monies are intended to cover the costs of a field investigation and/or of archival work to document the museum’s collections, as well as the analysis and writing required to present the results of the research work. Research may pertain to a single work, a series of objects or images (stamps, photos, etc.) a collection, an archival group (including audio archives) or ancient documents.

These scholarships will be granted following an international call for applications. Files will be assessed by a scientific committee comprising academics and curators. Students and academics at the M2 (MA) level or higher are eligible, as well as extra-academic scholars.

Applicants must have a recognized expertise in the processing and analyzing of non European collections or significant experience in art history, ethnography or archaeology.

The recipients will be affiliated to the museum during their research. They will have access to the media library and the muséothèque and will have the support of the department of heritage and collections and of the department of research and education.

Following the scholarship, within three months, the recipient will be required to present a research paper describing the outcome of his or her work, to be published on the museum’s website (in French or English). In addition, he or she will partner with the curators of the collections pertaining to the research to enrich the documentary databases of the museum.

Contents of the file

The scholarship application file must contain:

  • the application file, completed and signed
  • a curriculum vitae, outlining work experience and publications
  • a brief research program (less than 15,000 characters) including a short description of previous research and a research proposal that will specify the subject (corpus, archival group or collection, geocultural area…), the proposed research aims (field work, scientific documentation…), the method and scientific scope of the project.
  • the anticipated calendar of the project and an estimate of expenses.
    a recommendation letter from a recognized scientific figure. This letter must be addressed to the museum and sent separately.

open and download the application form (document word, 110 Ko, new window)

How to register an application

  • The application file and recommendation letter must be sent separately(1), before September 15st 2011:
  • electronically: bourses-collections(at)
    by mail (addressed to ‘Candidature Bourse Documentation des collections’):

Etablissement public du musée du quai Branly
Département de la recherche et de l’enseignement
222 rue de l’Université
75343 Paris cedex 07

The name of the laureates will be announced on the web site of the museum before mid-December.

(1) For legal and archival reasons, mail transmission is also required, in addition to electronic transmission.