La maquette en trois dimension du musée du quai Branly installée dans le hall d'accueil.

Konica Minolta Corporate Foundation

Konica Minolta Enterprise Foundation: Promoting man’s integration with his environment

The aim of the Konica Minolta Enterprise Foundation is to improve access for disabled people to sport, leisure, culture, education and work. With this objective, the Konica Minolta Enterprise Foundation strives to support projects at local, regional and national levels, in partnership with associations, cultural sites and institutions.

a participatory enterprise project

Directed by Jean-Claude Cornillet, President of Konica Minolta Business Solutions France, the enterprise foundation is managed by an administrative council which strives to encourage suggestions from the employees of the business.

the project with the musée du quai branly

The Konica Minolta Enterprise Foundation sponsors the MUSEE DU QUAI BRANLY by funding the production of an interactive model of the Museum.

The Museum has tactile tables with scale maps on each level to allow visually-impaired and blind visitors to find their way around the different areas. However, it is difficult for them to appreciate the totality of the project designed by Jean Nouvel, and the structure of its main components.

This three-dimensional-model, which can be manipulated by all visitors, but particularly by visually-impaired visitors, will enable everyone to appreciate the architectural work they are in, and to identify the routes they can take within the Museum as soon as they walk through the entrance.

Man’s integration into his environment is also achieved by the integration of everyone into the world of work. With this in mind, Konica Minolta initiated the concept of Universal Design in the early 2000s to enable everyone to use its printing systems. Universal Design is the fruit of research carried out with various associations over the last ten years into mental, visual, motor and tactile impairments. This led to Konica Minolta being named stakeholder in the European Year of People with Disabilities in 2003, the only printing company to be honored in this way.