Hall d'accueil. Tête d'ancêtre Moaï. Juillet 2010.

EDF Foundation

EDF Foundation sponsors Nomadic Workshops

Solidarity is one of the main priorities for the EDF Foundation. The Foundation wants to build a more human and more inclusive society, by promoting the fight against isolation and exclusion, whether financial, social or cultural. The Foundation therefore works alongside local supporters of social innovation. It supports positive initiatives from civil society and those who take concrete action to help the more vulnerable. 


In order to achieve this, the Foundation takes action in three areas: social inclusion, autonomy and humanitarian intervention. In France, the EDF Foundation aims to promote a model of society in which everyone, whatever their situation or background, can find their place in society. It takes concrete action to help fight against exclusion; to promote social integration of young people and education; to facilitate professional integration; to promote equality and diversity and to fight against all forms of discrimination; to raise awareness of and educate about the environment and to develop access to culture. 


The EDF Foundation is happy to work with the musée du quai Branly and to support the Nomadic Workshops which reach audiences alienated from culture, aiming to stimulate their curiosity, to have an impact and to infuse them with the desire to visit and revisit the museum.

garden lighting © musée du quai Branly, photos by Nicolas Borel

The Museum's lighting was created by the artist and lighting visual artist, Yann Kersalé

The following areas incorporate lighting:

  • glass boarding
  • central building
  • pools in rue de l'Université
  • pools on the Museum Terrace
  • the Vertical Garden
  • the Open Air Theater
  • all of the garden paths leading to the Museum
  • the fire escape and access to the Museum restaurant

The lighting equipment has been integrated into the architecture in most of these areas.


Through its Fondation created in 1987, EDF acts to develop patronage initiatives in the world of culture, involving particularly the enhancement of heritage.


EDF wanted to lend its support to the musée du quai Branly and associate its name with the museum's lighting. The Fondation EDF is now a member of the Founding Patrons' Circle of the Museum and is assisting the institution's emergence.

Drawing attention to a Moai head in the heart of the Museum

The Fondation EDF carries out solidarity work that is as much societal as it is environmental. Its sponsorship reflects and values the diversity that is at work in nature and in our societies.

In 2008, it dedicated an exhibition to Easter Island in its Cultural Space in Paris. As a follow-up to this demonstration - which allowed a broad public to discover the civilization, its history and its heritage - it has the pleasure of supporting the presentation of a Moai head, an exceptional object of world heritage, in the entry hall of the musée du quai Branly.

Movement of the Moai head on December 7, 2009 © musée du quai Branly, photos by Cyril Zannettacci

Upon the occasion of this commitment the Fondation EDF filmed the transport and installation operations of the Moai head and interviewed Stéphane Martin, President of the musée du quai Branly. Discover these two videos below: