CJD - Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants

The Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants

The Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants (CJD) is an association which, since 1938, has brought together business executives and senior managers motivated by the same conviction that the economy must serve people. Throughout France, 4000 Jeunes Dirigeants (Young Managers) have created a network in which the tools of reflection, training and experimentation are employed for a single purpose: business serving People.

The Paris section was created in 1938. It is one of the largest in France, with nearly 110 business executives and senior managers. The section is proud to support its members' initiative in this commitment to making an aspect of our artistic heritage available to all. 

And if "art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life", the initiatives of the musée du quai Branly are those that enable meetings between human beings.

cape before restoration © musée du quai Branly, photograph Claude Germain

Study and restoration of a Tupinamba feather cape

An exceptional item due to its age, scarcity and history, this cape is a reference object for the study of the Tupinamba culture. Dating from the 16th century, it is composed of feathers mounted on a mesh made of plant fibres. The technological study and recording of the information contained by these materials is essential in understanding the object.

The study and restoration of the cape involves the following activities:

  • consolidation of the feathers
  • consolidation of the plant fibres
  • cleaning of the feathers
  • identification of the species (feathers)
  • identification of the plant fibres

This project was made possible thanks to the support of the Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants (CJD) and 11 of its members: Agence AXA Elhadad Ramon, Athome, CLT Services, Forge & associés, Hikodo, Jiga, Knk, Reliences, Terry link, Viareport, Wit Associés. In 2011, the CJD had already supported the musée du quai Branly and its project to execute a tactile and audio adaptation of its guide to exploring the collections.




"Where cultures meet", an ideal slogan for a superb museum, and one which cannot fail to strike a chord with the 50 members of the CLT group, where diversity and cultural encounters are at the heart of the company culture. Specialists in supporting organisations in becoming more efficient by means of our savoir-faire in software and collective intelligence, CLT Services is also defined by its stance as a pro-actively responsible company; a context within which this sponsorship project fits perfectly.


FORGE & Associés is a law firm whose activity is oriented towards Social Law. In this capacity, Forge & Associés supports companies in the analysis and implementation of legal matters linked to Human Resources.

By supporting the musée du quai Branly in the project to restore a Tupinamba cape, Forge & Associés intends to assert its social commitment by contributing to extending the influence of values which the practice shares: diversity, knowledge sharing and solidarity.

Through its contribution to this project, Forge & Associés wishes to anchor its action on a long-term basis and to emphasise in particular its belief in diversity.


Jiga is very happy to be associated with the musée du quai Branly. Our participation in the preservation and restoration of a work of art and of cultural heritage, whose aesthetic and historical integrity will be conserved, perfectly reflects our ambition to avoid restricting our action within society to our financial activity, as we believe that we have broader responsibilities and a wider role to play.

Jiga, the leading Parisian company in outsourced IS departments for small and medium-sized companies.


The business coaching company Management Impact Consulting supports organisations, their teams and their managers to fulfill their potential in the present by identifying and engaging their own resources and by rooting themselves in their company history. "Memory is the future of the past", Paul Valéry tells us.

That is whyour collaboration with the musée du quai Branly's projects strikes a chord with our objectives: to learn from the past in order that everyone can be justifiably proud of their freedom of action!


At Reliences, we believe that the quest for meaning in business goes hand in hand with performance. By placing responsiveness and connectivity at the heart of the projects we support, we aim to contribute to the development of all forms of emotional intelligence; even that which triggers movement and facilitates change. This is one of the motivations for our sponsorship; works of art are close to our heart.

We are therefore extremely pleased this year to be able to continue our commitment alongside the musée du quai Branly in the project to restore the incredible 16th century Brazilian cape.

Reliences supports the staff and executives of SMEs and large companies in assessing strategic decisions, managerial standards, the mobilisation of human resources and strategic deployment.


SYD Conseil has been involved for more than 15 years in the digital transformation of businesses. With teams specialising in strategic advice, project management, Microsoft management solution integration, facilities management and digital asset management, the company provides both major, medium and small key accounts with the agility they require to be still more responsive to the needs of their customers.  


Terry link is a business with a double professional and social vocation. It is dedicated to providing recruitment advice and support to executives.

Social commitment forms part of the company's statutes, and is a basic value for Terry link. Over the last ten years we have donated a percentage of our turnover to child-related humanitarian associations, demonstrating that commitment, tenacity, work well done, success and sharing are perfectly compatible and enriching for all involved.

Being involved in restoration projects such as this one, involving an exceptional 16th century Tupinamba cape and promoting the influence and accessibility of the musée du quai Branly as a place for children to learn more about the world around them thus corresponds perfectly to the direction we intend to give to our actions.


Tradifret is a company that specialises in the management of goods transport operations. Our business is based on confidence between people, because they are the essential factor in providing quality services.

Several years ago we made the decision to invest time and money in worthwhile social projects.

The culture sector enables the creation of solidarity links between individuals, enhancing the diversity of our company and Tradifret is delighted to participate in this project which corresponds so perfectly with its values. We felt that it was a natural choice for us to be involved with the musée du quai Branly's projects in order to be visible in society and to promote access to culture.