Fonds Handicap & Société by Intégrance

Having supported the musée du quai Branly in 2010 in the improvement of the tactile table located at the entrance to the Garden, Mutuelle Intégrance is now committed to continuing its support by means of its endowment fund. For the 2014/2015 season, the endowment fund has renewed its commitment, with support for the "Mayas, Révélation d'un temps sans fin" (Mayas, revelation of an everlasting time) exhibition. This partnership will enable the museum to create special arrangements for disabled visitors including an introductory video to the exhibition with subtitles and in French sign language, large format and Braille presentation texts and simplified texts intended for mentally disabled visitors.

About Fonds Handicap & Société by Intégrance
Fonds Handicap & Société by Intégrance aims to improve the situation of disabled, sick and dependent people by implementing innovative actions, particularly in the fields of health, employment, social life and leisure. Supporting the Fonds enables companies to benefit from ethical communication and to support those who are most vulnerable in their lives and projects. With the creation of Club Handicap & Société in 2013, the endowment fund also aims to enter into dialogue with the different actors in the field of disability and thus to offer concrete, useful and constructive solutions by organising breakfast debates throughout the year.