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19 September

AREVA Foundation

The AREVA Foundation, patron of the first appearance of the Ateliers Nomades at Cergy-Pointoise (95)

The AREVA Foundation appears alongside the musée du quai Branly to support the first appearance of the "Ateliers Nomades", an extramural action carried out by the museum, in an innovative cultural mediation approach that sets off to meet a wide variety of audiences.

Through its association with this project, the AREVA Foundation supports programmes particularly dedicated to children and families distanced from cultural sites, enabling them to discover the treasures of the past on a living, modern and human scale. 

This operation allows the AREVA Foundation to affirm its commitment to promote access to culture to the greatest possible number of people.

The AREVA Foundation mobilised to make culture always more accessible

Since its creation in 2007, the AREVA Foundation has centred its general interest and solidarity actions on education and health in the countries in which the group carries out and develops its activities.

2012 marked a key stage in its existence: extended for five years, it has also taken on a new aspect to promote access to culture for the least favoured in society.

The Foundation supports long-term targeted and concrete actions which benefit disadvantaged populations, with priority given to children, women and students.

In the field of education, the Foundation favours projects for access to education, against illiteracy and which support students. It thus intends to improve the level of education of children and students from underprivileged backgrounds and to facilitate their learning process.

Within the health field, the AREVA Foundation supports actions against AIDS and malaria, both on the research level and in the field, but also facilitates the access to healthcare for the most underprivileged and supports the acquisition of medical equipment.

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AREVA provides its clients with solutions for producing electricity with smaller CO2 emissions. The expertise of the group and its absolute exigency in terms of security, safety, transparency and ethics make it a reference actor within the field, and the group's responsible development activities fall within its policy of continuous progress.

World number one in the nuclear field, AREVA offers electricity companies a unique integrated offer that covers all the stages of the cycle covering fuel, design and construction of nuclear reactors and associated services.

The group has extended its activities into renewable energies – wind power, solar, bio-energy, hydrogen and storage – to become one of the global leaders in this sector.

With these two areas, the 47,000 employees of AREVA contribute to providing the greatest number of consumers with energy that is ever more safe, clean and economical: