DOCAPOST is proud to support the BEFORE EVENT for the exhibition « TATOUEURS, TATOUÉS », continuing its long term patronage of projects promoting young people and diversity.

It seemed self-evident that DOCAPOST should be involved in this patronage project alongside the musée du quai Branly. Hosted in this venue where cultures meet, it promotes the reciprocity of dialogue and the mutualisation of ideas and knowledge, two values inherent to DOCAPOST, and which we always put in practice in terms of Human Resources.

"Black Atlantic" by Nancy Cunard

Nancy Cunard's world highlights the clichés and social, ethnic and sexual caricatures that this nonconformist figure fought against. In this way it makes reference to the human and societal values such as diversity and openness that DOCAPOST feels it is important to protect. The exhibition thus raises young people's awareness of these key values.

Philippines, Archipelago of Exchange

The theme of the exhibition: "Philippines, Archipel des échanges", ("Philippines, Archipelago of Exchange"), examines the nature of exchanges between diverse peoples and echoes the vision of our profession, which consists of facilitating exchanges and providing the very best in terms of physical and digital resources, together with our business values.

A long-term commitment

Developed with young visitors, the underprivileged and disabled people particularly in mind, the musée du quai Branly's programming enables a wide range of visitors to gain knowledge and comprehension of the history of art.

This is an important aspect which DOCAPOST supported in 2011/2012 via its DOCAPOST BPO entity, as a member of the Club Entreprises group of patron companies, in the context of the "Maîtres du désordre" ("Masters of Chaos") exhibition. 

The fact that we should renew this patronage of the musée du quai Branly seemed self-evident to us – particularly for this project, dedicated to young people and which aligns perfectly with our aim of supporting youth in all its diversity.


Subsidiary of the La Poste group, DOCAPOST employs its 30 years of experience in document management and delegated process management in facilitating professional exchanges. Based on the complementary expertise possessed by its various entities, DOCAPOST offers the best of paper-based and digital communication.