The Marquesas Islands

Mahau'u, Hakamanu and Haka

FRIDAY 10th and SATURDAY 11th JUNE 2011, 8 pm.

SUNDAY 12th JUNE 2011, 5 pm. 

A performance created by Maison des Cultures du Monde for the Festival de l'Imaginaire and presented during the Overseas Year

The Marquesan Maori people, who almost disappeared at the end of the 19th century, brought their culture and traditions back to life in the 20th century. Music, singing and dance are used to honor a person, greet a visitor, challenge an enemy, implore the gods or tell a legend. There are three categories of chants (entertaining, praising and religious) and seven dance forms. Three will be showcased: Mahau'u, dance of the wild pig, Hakamanu, dance of the bird, and Haka, dance to scare off enemies during a conflict.

information et réservation

Les réservations se font auprès du Festival de l'Imaginaire :

- par téléphone au 01 45 44 41 42

- sur le site internet du festival :