royal banquet at the court of Korea

Korean royal Banquet © NCKTPA

Partnership with the Festival d'Ile de France


SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 25th 2010 8 pm.

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 26th 2010 5 pm.

with performers from the National Traditional Korean Arts Centre

During the Joseon dynasty, which reigned on the “country of the calm morning” for 500 years, rituals and music held a very special place. Banquets are precious moments when beauty and majesty of movements, songs and dances bring harmony and serenity.

Royal archives have preserved traces of the most sumptuous ceremonies. The prestigious company of the National Traditional Korean Arts Centre in Seoul invites you to attend the 1795 ceremony given by king Jeaong-Jo to celebrate the Queen Mother’s birthday. In a codified ritual highly influenced by Confucianism, the banquet celebrates the harmony between subjects and allegiance to the King. Dressed in ceremonial hangbok a wide bright colored silk garment, the orchestra accompanies dances, offerings and the serving of dishes and wine which mark the high point of the ceremony.

Musical introduction and Korean meal tasting 1hour before the performance on Saturday and Sunday

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