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performance Javanese variation on the Ramayana


THURSDAY 24th TO SATURDAY 26th MARCH 2011 at 8 pm.

SUNDAY 20th AND SUNDAY 27th MARCH 2011 at 5 pm.


Mise en scène : Garin Nugroho
Composition musicale : Rahayu Supanggah
Marionnettes et scénographie : Heri Dono
Chorégraphie : Eko Supriyanto
Lumières : Iskandar Loedin
Costumes : Adrian Gan

Acteurs : Eko Supriyanto (Rahwana), Dwi Nurul Hidayah (Sita), Heru Purwanto (Rama)
Danseurs : Muslimin Bagus Pranowo, Agung Kusumo Widagdo, Danang Cahyo Wijayanto, Ina Vivana Putri, Wirastuti Suslilaningtyas, Noviana Ayom Sari, Anggono Kusumo Wibowo, Dwi Nurul Hidayah, Heru Purwanto, Cahwati
Musiciens : Suraji, Rusdiyantoro, Iswanto, Slamet Suparno, Sri Eko Widodo, Sri Joko Raharjo, Waluyo Sastro Sukarno, Darsono, I Ketut Saba
Chanteurs : Endah Sri Murwani, Peni Candrarini

Indonesian stage director and filmmaker, Garin Nugroho presents the Ramayana Odyssey through a fresco blending gamelan orchestra, classic tembang chanting, traditional and Western costumes, theatER and visuals. By addressing current issues in Indonesia through a religious journey transmitted for thousands of years by sacred theatre and traditional dancing, this operatic performance gives a new and decidedly contemporary dimension to the legendary episode of the abduction of Sita. Through a riveting love triangle between two men and a woman, the story of « The abduction of Sita» celebrates Indonesian creativity and voice and culture diversity.

Opéra Java une production Anmaro / Tropentheater

Les vêtements "Batiks" utilisés dans le spectacle proviennent de la collection Fafa Utami.

Avec le soutien de Garuda Indonesia

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Events related to the performance


All the musical events related to the performance are free, subject to the number of available places. 

«Contemporary music for gamelan» music by Rahayu Supanggah, Friday March 18th 2011) ; «Tembang Sunda, chants and poetry of Java» (Saturday March 19th 2011) ; «Wayang Kulit shadow puppets » (Friday March 25th and Saturday March 26th 2011).


Punakawan clowns invade the Museum and offer entertainment during the second week of programmed events (Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd, Thursday 24th, Friday 25th and Saturday 26th March 2011).


Adults learn the basics of Wayang wong dances that mimic the movements of puppets (Saturdays 19th and 26th March 2011) and children discover the art of Wayang suket puppets made from dry herbs. They will also craft famous Indonesian stick puppets called Wayang golek (Saturday 19th, Wednesday 23rd and Saturday 26th March 2011).

The abduction of Sita © Opera Jawa, photo de Flendy Arie