Cycle 4: Repentistas, the Punto tradition of improvised, sung poetry

March 28th – April 1st 2007

© Emmanuel Honorin


Punto, improvised, sung poetry, is traditionally interpreted by ‘poetas’ or ‘repentistas’, and is practised in countries with Hispanophone and Lusophone cultures. This highly popular genre involves real verbal jousting and comes in different forms depending on the country. This event highlights Cuba, a country in which Punto has been developed and is practised by ‘cowboy poets’. Musical accompaniment is of major importance, resembling flamenco in its original form. The cycle revolves around the central figures of Raul Herrera and Luis Martins, ‘cowboys of poetry’, who abandoned the soil to devote themselves to the word.

5 concerts

Wednesday 28th, Thursday 29th, Friday 30th, and Saturday 31st March 2007, at 8 pm.
Sunday April 1st 2007, at 5 pm