photo du spectacle Lang Toi. DR
photo du spectacle Lang Toi. DR

Les villageois se réveillent aux chants des coqs…

Les enfants sautent à la corde, jouent au choi chuyen, au da cau tandis que les parents travaillent dans les rizières…

Pendant leur pause, les paysans fument la pipe de bambou à l’abri du soleil tropical…

Le soir, les amoureux marchent sur des bambous suspendus sous la lueur des étoiles

Lang Toi - My Village

visuel de l'affiche du spectacle Lang Toi
affiche du spectacle Lang Toi



poster for the Lang Toi show Lang Toi (my village) – the new Vietnamese circus

show from Thursday 18th to Saturday 27th June in the Claude Lévi-Strauss Theater

show prices: see show prices...

performance dates

  • Thursday 18th June at 8pm (premiere)
  • Friday 19th at 8pm
  • Saturday 20th at 8pm
  • Sunday 21st no performance (free admission to events in the Museum Gardens to mark the Music Festival)
  • Monday 22nd: no performance
  • Tuesday 23rd at 8pm
  • Wednesday 24th at 3pm and 8pm
  • Thursday 25th at 8pm
  • Friday 26th at 8pm
  • Saturday 27th at 8pm

a show which reveals a unique culture, through a universal art: the circus

a show which reveals a unique culture, through a universal art: the circus
vibrating to the sounds of ancestral instruments and colored with traditional costumes, this circus performance gives us an insight into a unique culture, through the distinctive work of Nhat Ly Nguyen, Vietnamese composer and artist. The Lang toi show symbolises traditional Vietnamese life, portrayed through the beat of rhythms, acrobatics and juggling.

The show presents a series of scenes, seamlessly following on from each other. In a continuous movement, the village activities are played out: rituals, daily tasks, traditional games, celebrations.

A contemporary creation which draws its inspiration from traditional arts, Lang Toi is a circus show in which young artists, circus performers and musicians tell us the story of their Vietnamese roots...

The sounds of daily life in the Vietnamese countryside – tropical bird song, insect noises, footsteps and buffalo bells, fill the theater.
Day breaks and cockerels crow in all four corners of the village. On the stage, the sun’s rays light up a group of villagers frozen in position: children are playing, peasants are working in the paddy-field, some are fishing, others are making everyday objects. Suddenly, everyone is awakened by a tune played on a bamboo flute. This tune is then accompanied by the rhythm of the noises of everyday activities.

In the morning, the villagers use acrobatic techniques with bamboo sticks to the sound of percussion instruments, simulating a martial arts training session. Later, a tightrope walker moves along bamboo piles, gathered and held by two villagers. Around them, the other villagers dance, hitting the floor with bamboo tubes, symbolising a sacred dance around a fire. 

At midday the market is set up: young girls and boys get together, goods are exchanged…leading to juggling with fruit, baskets, bamboo pipes...which then turns into a festive atmosphere of games and scenes of keo co (tug of war) and wrestling.

In the afternoon, a girl and boy mount either end of a line of bamboo sticks (held by the villagers). When they meet in the middle, the village chief, perched on stilts, conducts the wedding ceremony. The newlyweds, accompanied by the villagers, mount a bamboo structure, symbolising their new home. They balance on the roof's horizontal crossbeams.

In the evening, a thunderstorm breaks out and the bamboos clash together. A girl flies though the bamboos which bend and straighten in the wind, lightning lights up the stage. After the storm, the stars shine in the calm night. We see the shadow of a young girl filling a large vase with water to wash in the moonlight while her young neighbor plays the monochord. Unable to sleep, she tosses and turns in her mosquito net under the light of the oil lamps.
The arrival of the Lang Toi show in June 2009 marks the starting point for a tour which will take the Vietnamese troop across France and Europe through to January 2010. After the premier in Paris at the musée du quai Branly, they will travel to Anvers, Chambery, Draguignan, Dôle, Brest, Vannes, La Rochelle, Senart, Bordeaux, Caen, Bayonne, Arcachon, Calais, Châteauroux, Madrid, Vienna and London.

the show


Tuan Lé

artistic director

Lan Nguyen


Nguyen Tan Loc

project design, coordination and musical composition

Nhat Ly Nguyen

executive production

Scènes de la Terre and Interarts

executive production in Vietnam

Scènes du Vietnam – Sân Khâu Viêt


Le Cirque national du Vietnam (Hanoi), L’Espace Malraux, Scène nationale de Chambéry La Coupole, Scène nationale de Sénart

  • in collaboration with La Coursive, Scène nationale de  La Rochelle Le Quartz, Scène nationale de Brest Le Théâtre de Caen
  • with the support of the Cultural Department of the French Embassy in Hanoi and l’Espace, the French Cultural Centre of Hanoi