On Saturday November 1st at 6pm there will be an introductory conference by Serge Koutchinsky about Manikarnika, the Cremation Ghat of Banaras



Cinema – free entry, limited places

Gouttes - photo : Serge Koutchinsky

All saints'Day 2008

The All Saints’ Day shows will take you to the island of Java and then to the banks of the Ganges in India.  Between death and rebirth the idea of eternity blossoms, beyond the ephemeral, beyond the cycles of life and death.

Infinitâ (Korra/Indonesia)

Infinitâ - photo : Sen Hea Ha


Sen Hea Ha and the Taman Budaya Surarkata Dance Theater

Piano pieces by György Ligeti

Sen Hea Ha, contemporary Korean dancer and choreographer, has particularly worked with traditional ritual and ceremony. She has notably worked with Pina Bausch.

It was in 1998, following a trip to Java within the framework of the Makassar Dance Festival, that she discovered the world of Java’s traditional dance.

Sen Hea Ha was inspired by different Indonesian traditions to create this show, for which she works with classical dancers from Solo (another name for the city of Surakarta), an ancient wealthy royal city with a great cultural heritage and where the Indonesian elite college of the performing arts, the STSI (Sekolah Tinggi Seri of Indonesia) is notably based. 

She draws her inspiration from Bedaya, a sacred court dance, and the puppets of the Wayang theatre, a theater of Hindu heritage which combines many different varieties (puppets, shadow theatre, masked theatre, etc).

In this original creation, Sen Hea Ha and her company explore the infinite possibilities of dialogue between the classical movements of Javanese dance and contemporary European music, with “Pieces for the piano” by György Ligeti interpreted by Pierre-Laurent Aymard.

Wednesday 22nd to Sunday 26th October 2008 at 8pm (except Sundays, at 5pm)

Claude Lévi-Strauss Theater – Show rate

The Gange at Banaras, reborn in India

Danseuse teratali - photo : M. Goujon


Photographs and production: Serge Koutchinsky

Artistic design: Alain Weber

with the Bhajan devotional songs ensemble "Mahesa Ram" and the Teratali sacred dancers of Rajasthan

This original show will tackle the subject of death via the mystical songs and dances of Rajasthan, which will be accompanied by the magnificent photos and filmed images produced by Serge Koutchinsky, dedicated to the Manikarnika Ghatthe cremation ghat of Banaras. On this quest for eternal deliverance, cremation suddenly becomes a liberation, putting an end to the reincarnation cycle.  This ritual of fire and water will be glorified by the mystical poems of the poet Mira Baï which will be sung by the caste of poets Meghwal, and by the scared dance Teratali performed by the Kamad dancers.


Co-production: musée du quai Branly - Arts276/Automne en Normandie

Executive production: Zaman Arts

Thursday October 30th to Sunday November 2nd 2008 at 8pm (except Sundays, at 5pm)

Claude Lévi-Strauss Theater- free entry, limited places