Infinitâ • Korea/Indonesia

Sen Hea Ha and the Taman Budaya Surakarta Dance Theater

Classical Indonesian dance revisited by a Korean choreographer, set to the music of the Hungarian composer György Ligeti

5 shows from Wednesday 22nd to Sunday 26th October 2008

This choreographic creation by the Korean dancer Sen Hea Ha, inspired by Ligeti’s Etude N°14, is a real celebration of movement. Movement that glides through the air thanks to the distinguished slow aristocratic speed and refinement of classical Javanese dance. Sen Hea Ha and the Taman Budaya Surakarta Dance Theater company explore the infinite possibilities of dialogue between the classical movements of Javanese dance and contemporary European music, with the fluid movements of the body mixing with the crystal-clear piano notes. She also invites us to reflect on time and on the concept of eternity.

The Ganges at Banaras, reborn in India • Northern India

Photographs and production: Serge Koutchinsky, with the Bhajan devotional songs ensemble "Mahesa Ram" and the Teratali sacred dancers of Rajasthan

4 shows from Thursday 30th October to Sunday 2nd November 2008 - free

Co-production: musée du quai Branly - Arts276/Automne en Normandie

This show will tackle the subject of death via the mystical songs and dances of Rajasthan, which will be accompanied by the magnificent photos of Serge Koutchinsky, dedicated to the Manikarnika Ghat, the cremation ghat of Banaras. On the quest for eternal deliverance, cremation results in transcendence.  Death suddenly becomes illumination, as reflected in the shrouds which are bathed in an almost divine light. Far from voyeurism and from sensational media reporting, it is the true and modest beauty of this ritual of fire and water which shines through Serge Koutchinsky’s unique photos.  The bhajan songs of praise written by the great poet Mirabaï and dedicated to Krishna, who during forty days helps the soul of the deceased to find peace, and the ritual of the teratali dancers from the Udaipur region, accompany this quest for the intimate.




Show for young audiences by the Par Les Villages company,

for children aged 8 and over accompanied by their parents

Friday 26th to Wednesday 31st December 2008

An adaptation of the Arctic novel Before Tomorrow by the Danish author Jorn Riel, Ninioq tells the harrowing and dramatic story of an Inuit grandmother, Ninioq, who, left alone with her grandson Manik, initiates the young boy to the dangers of life on the ice field and passes on to him the people’s heritage before dying. With shadows and objects made from drift wood, bone and stone, two actors bring the fragile Arctic balance and the fascinating, frozen and mineral character of the Far North to life through poetry.


Light and sound installation by Athénor productions,

for all ages from 4 years old

Friday 26th to Wednesday 31st December 2008 – free

Sila, which means "wind" in Inuit, immerses the spectators, both children and adults, into the Arctic world: the composer Philippe Le Goff has captured images of these magical natural areas and has created sound landscapes which are projected inside a white cocoon.



Africa - Jazz

Jazz meets its African roots

Great artists such as Jack De Johnette and Randy Weston have been in search of their African origins for a long time, organising musical get-togethers which are today part of jazz history.  In parallel, young artists from other continents and traditions have brought a new feel to contemporary jazz.  This programme of ten concerts with four different line-ups will also highlight women in jazz and traditional music, with the Mauritianian artist Dimi Mint Abba, the Indonesian artist Monica Akihary and the Ethiopian artist Eténèsh Wassié.

Jack De Johnette and Dimi Mint Abba, and guests • USA / Mauritania


Friday 20th, Saturday 21st, Sunday 22nd March 2009

Jack De Johnette is without doubt the most celebrated jazz drummer today.  He is part of the history of great jazz music.  Just like many other Black American musicians (Pharaoh Sanders, Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, Art ensemble of Chicago), he has been exploring the African roots of his music since the 1970s.  His interest in African repertoires motivated his meeting with the great griot Dimi Mint Abba, the first artist to have brought Mauritanian art to Europe.

Le Tigre des Platanes and Eténèsh Wassié • France / Ethiopia

Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th March 2009

The Tigre des Platanes, an original brass quartet (sousaphone, trumpet, bugle, tuba, alto sax and bari sax), has rediscovered, with exceptional creativity, the golden age of Ethiopian music.  The harrowing voice of Eténèsh Wassié, a member of the Azmari, the wandering bard-poets from traditional Ethiopian culture, gives a real intensity to this project.

Randy Weston and the Gnawas • USA / Morocco

Friday 27th and Saturday 28th March 2009

Randy Weston, pianist and composer, is one of the first Black American musicians to have settled in Africa at the beginning of the 1960s, in Nigeria and then Tangiers.  He worked with Fela, the African master of afro-beat, before playing with the Gnawas masters from 1967. Famous for their musical collaboration with great jazzmen such as Pharoah Sanders, Archie Shepp and Randy Weston, the Gnawas are the descendants of black slaves who were emancipated and converted to Islam.  They are the guardians of the border that separates several worlds, between the visible and the invisible, between Arab-Islamic Africa and Black animist Africa.



Lang Toi ("My Village")

New Vietnamese circus

8 shows, from 18th to 28th June 2009

Ephemeral like the wind, the Lang Toi opens the window onto a unique culture thanks to the universal expression embodied by the circus and the work of Nhat Ly Nguyen, Vietnamese composer and circus artist.  Finding inspiration in everyday objects and borrowing traditional gestures which are emphasised by the refined and colorful costumes, this show, which describes itself as “new circus”, takes the audience to the heart of an aesthetic world, reminding us of a long-lost life which is still relevant to us today.  Young artists, men and women, circus artists and musicians tell the story of their Vietnamese roots.  The music, the heart and soul of the show, reveals the sounds of ancestral instruments, vibrating to the pulsating rhythm, acrobatics and juggling.  This circus show has been specially created for the unique Claude Lévi-Strauss Theater.