blue indigo jazz series

This is the first season of a series of concerts dedicated to a hybrid musical genre born at the beginning of last century and venturing into it. This original and innovative program features young talents from across the Atlantic. Most of them have projects that have never been heard in France but all beat new paths for today’s creative music. This musical art, now part of our musical heritage, remains legendary and even visionary.

Soaked in the indefinable blue indigo, the colour of blues, seven jazz sessions feature an iniatic trip. It symbolically retraces the original roads through the Deep South (with John Hebert’s Byzantine Monkey, Matana Roberts’ Coin Coin) to the East Coast (Tyshawn Sorey Quartet, Steve Lehman Octet, Craig Taborn, William Parker & Gerald Cleaver Trio), and the Midwest (Mike Reed’s People, Places & Things, Chicago Underground Duo).

Bleu Indigo also reaches out to the black Atlantic archipelago, either towards South America (Sao Paulo Underground), Africa or Europe (Steve Lehman Octet, Matana Roberts’ Coin Coin).
It is indeed not jazz that “reaches” the museum, it is the museum that “departs” to greet it in a warm atmosphere conducive to exchange with musicians after the concerts.

Craig Taborn, William Parker and Gerald Cleaver Trio

SATURDAY 25th JUNE 2011 6 p.m.

The piano, bass and drum trio is just as much a canonical jazz form with harmonious sequences of actions, as a mirror to go through. These three improvisation masters linked to most projects who have disrupted this art form in the last 20 years, know the paths to musical wonderlands.

William Parker © DR
Craig Taborn © DR
Gerald Cleaver © Claudio Casanova

Chicago Underground and Sao Paulo Underground

Sao Paulo Underground © DR

SATURDAY 9th APRIL 2011 6 p.m.

The Chicago Underground and the Sao Paulo Underground are twin ensembles created by cornettist Rob Mazurek, who lives between both cities and always favours dialogue between preferably turbulent drummers and percussionists, and all noises, effects and treatment that electronic machinations now offer.

Matana Robert's Coin Coin

Matana Robert © DR

SATURDAY 26th FEBRUARY 2011 6 p.m.

For several years, saxophonist and clarinettist Matana Roberts searched for her American, African and European musical ancestors between Louisiana, Togo and Scotland. But her decidedly lyrical art is less evocative than a story blurred by such tragedy, than evocatory of the stories endlessly told to reinvent a future life.

Steve Lehman Octet

Steve Lehman © Scott Friedlander

SATURDAY 22nd JANUARY 2011 6 p.m.

co production with the Sons d’Hiver festival

Saxophonist Steve Lehman’s octet. He is a master in the art of sound chiaroscuro developed by French composer Tristan Murail with his spectral music. For Lehman, his music is exclusively seeking, typically New York and contemporary in its way of being both coherent and bold.

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Mike Reed's People, Places & Things

Mike Reed © DR

SATURDAY 11th DECEMBER 2010 6 p.m.

People, Places & Things : people, places and things. With his quartet, drummer Mike Reed strives to decode the energizing messages of his native Chicago in the last fifty years and to find in it invitations to today’s most fabulous voyages.

John Hébert's Byzantine Monkey

John Hébert © DR

SATURDAY 23rd OCTOBER 2010 6 p.m.

Stand up bass player John Hebert’s two-saxophone quartet reprises the playful and breathtaking Cajun traditions and inflects them with the currents and counter currents of today’s free jazz with fierceness, depth and humour.

Tyshawn Sorey Quartet

Tyshawn Sorey © DR

FRIDAY 22nd OCTOBER 2010 6 p.m.

This exceptional opening concert is drummer Tyshawn Sorey’s first performance in France. World music composer, gifted with an amazing sense of construction and exploration, Tyshawn Sorey might be the embodiment of what the great Elvin Jones meant by “you are a musician before you are a drummer.”