2010-2011 master classes

Initiation workshops to learn the basics of an instrument, singing or dancing. Master classes are a way to share the vision and sensitivity of an artist while learning the basics of non-western traditions and cultures through oral tradition.

Featured artists give three weekend sessions of two hours each to small groups that will let beginners and neophytes get acquainted with a non-western dance, instrument or music through practice.

Master classes offer a real encounter with an artist, his or her culture and universe.

Same rate for all master classes (except Karate initiation: free with museum ticket) : 70 € for 3 sessions
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Kathakali master class

Kalam Terre © Anne Nordmann


By Michel Lestrehan and the Prana Company

Kathakali is the dance theatre of the Kerala, in the South of India. It developed during the 17th century from ancient Sanskrit theatre (Kutiyattam) and Hindu temple trance rituals. It features gods, heroes and demons of the great classical odysseys, Ramayana and Mahabharata. Sumptuous costumes and makeup define this spectacular form of theater. The young artist learns through intense physical practice and the subtle play on expressions and movements. The musée du quai Branly offers a 3-session initiation with a Prana Company dancer performing in Kalam Terre.

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African dance master class

Kossua Ghyamphy © DR


Related to the Music room event devoted to the Ivorian singer Dobet Gnahore, discover or improve your knowledge of African dance movements and codes - that are inseperable from Central Africa’s rhythms and percussions.

The master class is led by Kossua Ghyamphy.

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"African rhythms, African voices” master class

Dizu Plaatjies © Patrick Lee Thorp

FRIDAY 13th, SATURDAY 14th and SUNDAY 15th May 2011 – 3 SESSIONS, 2 HOURS EACH

With Dizu Plaatjies

In African traditions, the voice is very important. From pygmy voices to sub-Saharan Africa, it serves a rhythmic and polyphonic purpose. Dizu Plaatjies, musician and teacher, approaches the African voice in several ways. From Zimbabwe to Mozambique, from Congolese songs to hip hop accompanied by the tongue clicking of the San people, he creates a unique and eclectic mix of neo traditional sounds that he will present in the workshop.

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master class de danse tahitienne

vendredi 10 juin à 18h30, samedi 11 et dimanche 12 juin à 10h30

Proposé par Joëlle Berg

Les participantes confronteront mythe et pratique de la danse tahitienne, expression ancrée dans une tradition orale et intimement liée à l'histoire contemporaine de la Polynésie. Après l'apprentissage des deux mouvements basiques du corps, puis du lien entre langage, mouvement et percussions, il sera proposé de créer une chorégraphie sur mesure. Le master class est animé par Joëlle Berg, diplômée du conservatoire artistique en danse et études traditionnelles, qui enseigne cette danse depuis 1994.

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Karate initiation master class

SATURDAY JUNE 18th 2011 11 am. (1 hour)

Okinawa Island is known as the cradle of Karate. The musical afternoon dedicated to the “centenaries island” of Japan will be followed by an initiation workshop to the quintessential martial art, given by master Yukinobu Shimabukuro.

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