the Lapita epic

Wednesday 10th November 2010, Cinema Room

The study day aims to summarise knowledge about the Lapita population who inhabited the South West Pacific 3000 years ago. The colloquium involves an international panel of archaeologists and anthropologists who specialise in the subject. The different themes of the day will cover the great phases and subjects of study relating to the Lapita, from their Austronesian origins in Southeast Asia until the discovery of the frontier of western Polynesia in the central Pacific. All of the Anglo-Saxon speakers are university lecturers, and the PowerPoint presentations are open both to professional archaeologists and to students of all levels with an interest in the subject. The study day will end with a debate open to the participants.

colloquium organised in the context of the Lapita exhibition, from 9th November 2010 to 9th January 2011

open and consult the programme of the "The Lapita Epic" colloquium (pdf document, 150 kB, new window)