performance, art and anthropology

Agustí Torres Domenge, Paso Doble. Performance by Miquel Barceló and Josef Nadj, 2006


wednesday 11 and thursday 12 march 2009 at the claude levi-strauss theatre

organisers: Caterina Pasqualino (CNRS) and Arnd Schneider (University of Oslo)

free entry on presentation of the programme



The circulation of cultural practices constitutes a constantly surprising source of mutations. This colloquium offers a cross-disciplinary analysis of the rituals resulting from traditional societies and performances produced by contemporary artists. The event will employ contributions from two scientific cultures: on one hand anthropology, heir to a long-standing debate on the question of ritual, and on the other art history, a discipline directly concerned by artistic performances, but also curious about non-western traditions. The common denominators between artistic performances and ritual performances concern the spatiality involved, the nature of the elements manipulated, the time "outside time" of the action and the production of symbolism. This colloquium is the opportunity to more closely examine this convergence of characteristics. In this context, we will discuss three themes that we feel to be central. The first concerns putting performance into its historical perspective, the second is linked to the involvement of the body, and the third questions the epistemological value of rituals and performance.

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