the world history of slavery

Amulette goun en forme de fers d'esclave © musée du quai Branly, photo Thierry Ollivier, Michel Urtado
Gun amulet in the form of slave irons © musée du quai Branly, photograph Thierry Ollivier, Michel Urtado

For this new cycle, the Open University approaches the question of slavery and abolitions, from antiquity to today, from a historical, political and philosophical perspective.
Ancient and precolonial slavery; slavery in Islamic countries, in China and Brazil, but also abolitions, historical, literary and cinematographical representations will be some of the themes considered this season by researchers renowned in this field.

Thursday 20 September 2012, 6.30 pm

"You don't enslave your neighbour". Are slaves always strangers?

by Alain Testart, anthropologist

Thursday 4 October 2012, 6.30 pm

Slavery in Graeco-Roman antiquity
by Jean Andreau, historian specialising in the Roman world

Thursday 8 November 2012, 6.30 pm

Slaves and abolitions in Islamic lands
by Roger Botte, anthropologist and historian

Thursday 29 November 2012, 6.30 pm

Anti-slavery commitments in the 19th century. The "Schoelcher case"
by Nelly Schmidt, historian specialising in slavery

Thursday 13 December 2012, 6.30 pm

Memories of slaves
by Myriam Cottias, historian of colonial affairs

Thursday 24 January 2013, 6.30 pm

The modern critic of slavery
from Montaigne to Gide, by Frank Lestringant, literary historian

Thursday 14 February 2013, 6.30 pm

Women and children in slavery
by Gisèle Pineau, writer

Friday 22 February 2013, 6.30 pm

Representations of slavery in film
by Michel Ciment, film critic and writer

Thursday 21 March 2013, 6.30 pm

The Siddi, a community of black slaves in Pakistan and India
by Alice Albinia, journalist and writer

Friday 29 March 2013, 6.30 pm

Candomblé, voodoo, santeria, slave practices
by Inês Sampaio, psychotherapist

Thursday 11 April 2013, 6.30 pm

Slavery in Brazil
by Charlotte de Castelnau-L’Estoile, historian specialising in the history of America and Brazil

Thursday 18 April 2013, 6.30 Pm

Masters and slaves in Hegel's work
by Alain Badiou, philosopher, novelist, essayist, playwright and political thinker

Thursday 25 April 2013, 6.30 Pm

Chronicle of a forgotten abolition: the Chinese empire in 1910
by Claude Chevaleyre, historian specialising in servitude in China