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25 April

quai Branly open university


Around three thematic cycles – Great Witnesses, the World History of Slavery and Displacements – the Open University examines the relationships between cultures and the questions of universality, otherness and memory.


2012/2013 season

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One cycle ends, another begins: after six years dedicated to the history of colonisation, the Quai Branly Open University commences a long-term cycle on slavery. The logic is inescapable: largely pre-dating colonisation, slavery is one of its matrices and we must not forget that it still continues today.One cycle continues. In the Displacements cycle, in the light of history and anthropology, we examine the treatment of meat, hair and milk before continuing with make-up, birth, boxing, breath, robots, skulls and sperm.

The great adventurers of the spirit: artists and intellectuals; pioneers who know how to change worlds. Born in Syria, a performing artist, Chérif Khaznadar ceaselessly wanders the planet to preserve its cultures; globally renowned anthropologist Maurice Godelier spent his youth with the Baruya in New Guinea, deriving from them a new conception of thought; born in Malaysia, the great Taiwanese film-maker Tsai Ming-Liang has won prizes in Venice, Berlin and Cannes, and is honouring us with a visit. We will also welcome historian Michel Pastoureau, a renowned medievalist and specialist in the history of colours, animals and symbols.

The quai Branly Open University is directed by Catherine Clément, philosopher and novelist, Tobie Nathan, ethnopsychiatrist and novelist, with the support of Frédérick Keck, anthropologist, and Guillaume Dutournier, sinologist.


detailed programme of cycles

Discover the detailed cycle programme and the general conference calendar:

Great witnesses

The world history of slavery

Displacements: them and us

2012/2013 calendar

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