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18 September

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Spring & Summer Brochure: April to September 2014

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Discover the schedule for the next six months: download the brochure (pdf, 6,6 Mo).

In terms of the exhibition, immerse yourself in the splendours of African art with Sacred Wood, Initiation in the Guinean forests. Discover the exceptional life of a poet and militant woman with « Black Atlantic" by Nancy Cunard, Negro Anthology (1931-1934). Change your vision of the traditions of the Indian tribes in North America with Plains Indians. In June, immerse yourself in the American culture of the 1950s with Tiki Pop, America imagines a Polynesian paradise. Finally, from May for 18 months, the anthropology exhibition Tattoo explores the practise of tattooing, both from a scientific, historical and artistic point of view.

You can also discover the Open University conferences, the reading room events, colloquiums and conferences, together with performances, not to forget workshops, guided tours and narrated tours.