musical salons

Crossing Roper Bar © DR
Crossing Roper Bar © DR

One Saturday per month, the musical salons – intimate listening spaces – promote encounters with unusual artists and the discovery of artistic projects related to music across the world.

This season, two special concerts are offered in connection with the temporary exhibitions Les Séductions du Palais (The Seductions of the Palate) (Festin d’Oreille, Saturday September 8th), and Aux sources de la peinture aborigène, Australie - Tjukurrtjanu, (The origins of Aborigine painting, Australia – Tjukurrtjanu)  (Crossing Roper Bar, on Saturday November 10th).

The other concerts are original musical encounters between musical genres, instruments and artists of different origins and from different backgrounds, such as those of Yom et de Wang LiMathias Delplanque and E’ joung-Ju, or Mukhtiyar Ali and Mathias Duplessy.

useful information

  • Claude Lévi-Strauss Theater
  • free access subject to available places, on presentation of a museum entrance ticket


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