Tournée du spectacle
30 et 31 octobre 2012 : Reggio-Emilia, Italie / Teatro Ariosto
25 et 26 janvier 2013 : Düsseldorf, Allemagne / Tanzhaus
29 janvier 2013 : Brétigny-sur-Orge / Théâtre de Brétigny
1er février 2013 : Draguignan/ Théâtres en Dracénie
3 février 2013 : Onet-Le-Château / Salle La Baleine
5, 6 et 7 février 2013 : Bordeaux / Théâtre National de Bordeaux-Aquitaine
9 février 2013 : Angoulême / Théâtre d’Angoulême
12 et 13 février 2013 : Clermont-Ferrand / La Comédie de Clermont
16 février 2013 : Alès / Le Cratère

Swan Lake

Swan Lake by Dada Masilo

from Wednesday 17th to Sunday 28th October 2012 (10 performances)

With a company of 13 African dancers, South African choreographer Dada Masilo revisits this great classic of western dance, retaining its themes, Tchaikovsky's music, the tutus and pointed shoes and "South Africanising" it to give it new zest and new life. She examines in particular the issue of gender and genre, and that of homophobia in a country ravaged by AIDS.

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Dada Masilo

Dada Masilo, a young South African choreographer and talented dancer, is a graduate of the Dance Factory in Johannesburg. She studied for two years in Brussels (2005-2006) at the Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (PARTS) school created by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. She rapidly became one of the most well-known young choreographer-dancers in South Africa where she has appeared at all the festivals, in particular at the Dance Umbrella festival. She continues to train young dancers.

Her work is marked by reinterpretations of the classical repertoire (Romeo and Juliet in 2008, Carmen in 2009, and Swan Lake in 2010) in which she re-appropriates the codes, revisiting these classics in a joyful blend of traditional and contemporary dance, powerful African influences and humor.

The French premier of Swan Lake will be presented at the Biennale de la Danse de Lyon in September 2012 and in a Paris exclusive at the musée du quai Branly.


Swan Lake © photo John Hogg - Click to enlarge, open in a new window
Swan Lake © photo John Hogg


useful information

  • 10 performances: at 7 pm on Wednesday 17th and 24th October 2012; at 8 pm on Thursday 18th and 25th, Friday 19th and 26th, Saturday 20th and 27th October 2012; at 5 pm on Sunday 21st and 28th October 2012
  • prices: 15 €/10 €
  • extra: tickets give access to the Museum's Main Collection space on the day of the performance
  • Performance for all visitors from 10 years of age

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rencontres avec la chorégraphe Dada Masilo

Venez échanger avec Dada Masilo autour du spectacle, de son travail et de ses inspirations:

- dimanche 21 octobre, après la représentation de 17h (vers 18h15)
- jeudi 25 octobre, après la représentation de 20h (vers 21h15)

classes publiques

Découvrez le travail de la chorégraphe avec ses danseurs : échauffements, univers chorégraphique…
- samedi 20 octobre, de 16 h à 17 h
- dimanche 21 octobre, de 13 h à 14 h
- samedi 27 octobre, de 16 h à 17 h

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