open garden from 4th July to 30th August 2009

Vue sur le jardin. Juin 2007 © musée du quai Branly, photo Lois Lammerhuber
Vue sur le jardin. Juin 2007 © musée du quai Branly, photo Lois Lammerhuber

The garden designed by the landscape architect Gilles Clément for the musée du quai Branly is not just a magnificent haven of greenery. During July and August, it becomes a theater for a variety of activities and sounds…some rather unexpected.

This year it is home to the “garden workshops” for a summer of activities around the Tarzan! exhibition. The activities on offer provide an opportunity to discover far off cultures, through dance and flavors.

Free activities subject to availability. No reservations

before event Summer Cuisine

The last Before of the year on July 4th, Summer Cuisine kicks off the festivities with a discovery of culinary secrets from all 5 continents.

guided tour of the garden

Protected by a glass wall, under the museum’s pilotis, the garden designed by Gilles Clément is, during the summer months, luxuriant. Come and discover the rich vegetation around pathways, clearings and ponds, the perfect place to daydream and reflect.

duration 1 hour – every Saturday at 4:30pm – open to everyone
from 4
th July to August 30th 


children: in the world of Tarzan

Animal noises, the smell of the undergrowth, natural textures…, the world of Tarzan is coming to Paris! This workshop invites little ones to use their senses to explore the jungle: smells, sounds, tastes, shapes to see and touch are proffered for their expert examination…

duration 1 hour – every Tuesday at 3 pm – children aged 3 to 6 –

- children: raw material: liana

By observing the vegetal wall of the musée du quai Branly and taking part in a workshop of practical activities, children gain awareness of the diversity of epiphytic plants – which grow on other plants – and their importance in natural habitats and for the protection of the environment.

duration 1 hour – every Thursday at 3 pm – children aged 6 to 12 -

families: dancing on the quay

Come and discover the dances of various cultures which can be found in the Museum’s collections. With a nod to the Tarzan! exhibition, become acquainted this summer with body movements and gestures based on animal imitation.

duration 1 hour – every Saturday at 11 am – suitable for everyone -

-- Saturday 11th July and 8th August: the Penca with an introduction to the gestures of the monkey (kera) and the tiger (pamacan in Java).

-- Saturday 18th July and 15th August: the capoeira from Brazil, which contains many references to the animal kingdom.

-- Saturday 25th July and 22nd August: the Hakamanu from the Marquesas Islands, the dance of the bird.

-- Saturdays 4th July, 1st August and 29th August: the dance of the totem from Guinea, where everyone is invited to dance in the style of their own guardian animal.

flavors from overseas

Enjoy a sun-filled tasting session and discover flavors from overseas and closer to home! This workshop is above all an opportunity to learn about the geographical origin of certain foods. Chick peas, mangoes, kiwis or potatoes, exoticism is not always where you expect it to be….

duration 1 hour – every Saturday at 6 pm – suitable for everyone

public reading

Tarzan, lord of the jungle

The hero and the myth are based on the book of the adventures of Tarzan, written by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1912. Come and listen to an extract from the book during weekly public readings on Fridays, before or after having visited the summer exhibition! Let your ears transport you to the jungle.

duration 1 hour – every Friday 6 pm – suitable for everyone -

more information on the Tarzan! exhibition

garden trail

parcours dans le jardin © musée du quai Branly, photo Pomme Célarié
parcours dans le jardin © musée du quai Branly, photo Pomme Célarié

This summer trail for children is designed to raise awareness of the protection of Tarzan’s favourite animals...


For the duration of the exhibition, the garden is plunged into a sound atmosphere, an invitation for visitors to take a cinematographic stroll through the universe of the character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs.


summer cinema

Created in 1912 by the American novelist Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan very quickly became a cinematic hero: more than 40 adaptations for the big screen since 1918 and several television serials have featured the lord of the jungle.

The musée du quai Branly invites you to come and discover four of the greatest Tarzans and hear the mythical cry of the ape man echo from 23rd to 25th July at 7 pm and the 26th July at 4 pm.