the garden

On Saturday 20 January, as part of the Semaine Son (4th edition) being held from 16 to 20 January 2007, the Musée du quai Branly will be home to one of the event's days.

The day will close with a concert by Mario Canonge and the Sakésho quartet.

Programme for 20 January

2 pm

Welcoming the public. Introductory speech.

2.15 pm

Tribal sounds utilising (Japanese and Amerindian) ancestral shamanic techniques and the shamanic drum.

by Don Mino Balta, specialist in shamanic practices

2.45 pm

Functioning and artistic, affective, psychological and social role of oral transmission.

by Gérard Authelain, President of the Agence Musique Danse



Vocal music in sub-Saharan Africa: Beninese women's songs and Senegalese men's songs.

by Madeleine Leclair, ethnomusicologist, responsible for the Musée du

Quai Branly musical instruments collections, and Luciana Penna, ethnomusicologist responsible for oral tradition music at the Cité de la Musique

4.45 pm

Transmission of music in Bulgaria.

by Marie Barbara Le Gonidec, responsible for the Département

de la Musique et de la Parole at the Musée des Civilisations

de l’Europe et de la Méditérranée (former Musée National

des Arts et Traditions Populaires)

5.15 pm

Orality and jazz.

by Daniel Maximin, poet and novelist

Poetry/piano duo: CONNIVENCES with Alain Jean-Marie


How can oral expression be preserved by recording?

by Serge Noël-Ranaivo, responsible for OCORA - Radio France editorial coordination, and Daniel Triplon, responsible for the RFO sound library

7.00 pm

Closing concert.

by jazz pianist Mario Canonge with the Sakésho quartet and invited musicians: Max Cilla, virtuoso traditional flautist, 'the Father of the Mornes Flute' in artinique;Alain Jean-Marie, pianist; and Ibrahima Diaw, Afro-M’bala bassist