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From February 3rd to May 10th, the musée du quai Branly will be offering a special activity for parents and children while they visit the Recettes des dieux, (Recipes of the gods) exhibition.

the games booklet and the drawing box

Throughout the entire Recettes des dieux (Recipes of the gods) exhibition period, children aged 7 and over will be able to use our games booklet “Le secret de fétiches ” (the secret of the fetishes) to discover the exhibition in an entertaining way. This fun booklet is free and you can find it in the Museum entrance hall and at the start of the exhibition…

Once they have completed the tour, the children are invited to draw their own 'fetish’ object, taking their inspiration from the fetishes they saw in the exhibition and to place it in the urn…

Here is a selection of drawings displayed online, with parental consent.

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