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Photoquai 2011

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3rd biennial exhibition of world images

from Tuesday 13th September to Friday 11th November 2011

  • On the quays, opposite the museum: free access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • In the garden: free access during museum opening hours

Artistic director: Françoise Huguier

Scenography: Patrick Jouin

Created in 2007 by the musée du quai Branly and dedicated to non-Western photography, the 3rd edition of the PHOTOQUAI biennial exhibition of world images takes place on the quays of the Seine alongside the musée du quai Branly, extending for the first time into the museum garden.

Hailed from its first edition for its quality, originality, ambition and relevance, in 2011 PHOTOQUAI will continue to pursue its original mission: showcasing artists whose work is little known in Europe, and stimulating communication and the exchanging of views of the world.

The artistic director of the third biennial PHOTOQUAI exhibition is the photographer and director Françoise Huguier. She coordinates the programming committee which brings together image specialists associated with correspondents in the field, who are responsible for discovering emerging photographic talents unknown or little known in Europe.

For its third edition, PHOTOQUAI presents nearly 400 works by 46 contemporary photographers from 29 countries: South Africa, Congo, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Togo, Morocco, Tunisia, Bahrain, Iraq, Belarus, Russia, China, South Korea, India, Japan, Taiwan, Cuba, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Colombia, Brazil.

PHOTOQUAI complements its highlighting of artists with associations with artistic partners throughout the capital: The Australian Embassy, the Baudoin Lebon Gallery, the In Camera Gallery, the Paris- Beijing Gallery, the Maison d'Amérique Latine, the Maison Européenne de la Photographie, the Petit Palais, the Polka Galerie and the Eiffel Tower.

The musée du quai Branly also offers the public encounters based around this third edition: encounter days with the photographers and curators invited to Paris, encounters and meetings with image professionals for debates and/or screenings, and the presentation of the winners of the Photographic Artistic Creation Aid Grant, which was launched by the musée du quai Branly with the support of the Total Foundation.

Photoquai 2011 is a voyage through the clamour of the world, stimulated by photographers' perceptions of the state of their societies and of cultures other than their own. For us, they act as watchmen, guards, preventing us from falling asleep. Françoise Huguier

46 photographers from 29 countries exhibit nearly 400 photographs


  • South Africa: Mack Magagane
  • Congo: Christian Tundula
  • Ethiopia: Michael Tsegaye
  • Nigeria: Andrew Esiebo
  • Tanzania: Mwanzo Milinga, Sameer Kermalli
  • Togo: Helène Amouzou

South America

  • Brazil: Cia de Foto
  • Chile: Roberto Candia, Nicolás Saéz
  • Colombia: Julián Lineros, Luis Carlos Tovar


  • China: Luo Mingyi, Yue Liu
  • South Korea: Chan Hyo Bae
  • India: Shailabh Rawat, Mahesh Shantaram, Mohan Verma
  • Japan: Kosuke Okahara
  • Taiwan: Chao-Liang Shen

South East Asia

  • Cambodia: Hak Kim, Philong Sovan
  • Indonesia: Jim Allen Abel
  • Laos: Ka Xiong, Sengsong
  • Malaysia: Minstrel Kuik, Khee Teik Pang, Tan Chee Hon
  • Singapore: Charles Lim, Edwin Koo
  • Thailand: Lek Kiatsirikajorn, Maitree Siriboon


  • Cuba: Alejandro González, Adrian Fernández Milanés, Alfredo Sarabia


  • Morocco: Hassan Hajjaj
  • Tunisia: Nicène Kossentini


  • Australia: Marian Drew
  • New Zealand: James K.Lowe

Near and middle east

  • Bahrain: Camille Zakharia
  • Iraq: Jamal Penjweny

Russia and Belarus

  • Belarus: Andrei Liankevich
  • Russia: Mikhail Galustov, Sergey Loier, Georgy Pervov, Irina Popova