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The exhibition is presented in partnership with the Commission for the Protection of Peru.

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Paracas – undiscovered treasures from ancient Peru

April 1st – July 14th 2008

The exhibition brings together the largest series of "Paracas" textiles ever displayed outside Peru: for the first time in France, it presents some of the textiles exhumed in the Wari Kayan necropolis and introduces the visitor to a selection of pieces from this unique treasure. From December 2004 to November 2006, they have been restored in the context of an international scientific collaboration with Peru with contributions from the musée du quai Branly.

The museum is therefore particularly proud to present textiles which Peru lends only on an exceptional basis for exhibitions abroad, due to their great aesthetic and scientific value and their extreme fragility.


exhibition curator: Danielle Lavallee, Research director emeritus at the CNRS, specialist in archaeology of the Americas

Manto à décor anthropo-zoomorphe © Mnaahp photo Daniel Giannoni
Manto à décor anthropo-zoomorphe © Mnaahp photo Daniel Giannoni