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Museum tours

guided tours and visits adapted for disabled people

  • Duration of the tour: 01:30

narrated visits of the exhibition

  • Duration of the tour: 1 hr
  • for families with children from 6 years

Exhibition on social networks

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, we invite you to share your visitor experience on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #IndiensdesPlaines. Exhibition news is also presented on the museum's Facebook page.


Peau peinte Lakota (Sioux, Amériques) © musée du quai Branly, photo Claude Germain
Painted Lakota skin (Sioux, Americas) © musée du quai Branly, photo by Claude Germain


chief's feathers

A new workshop for families with children from 3 to 5 years created for the exhibition.

dances with sioux

A new workshop for families with children from 6 to 8 years to explore the Plains Indians and their dances.


Special edition


exhibition catalogue

special edition

  • Connaissance des arts, 68 pages, 9,5€

Visitor support

Puzzle booklet


puzzle booklet

Puzzle booklet for visiting the exhibition with children from 7 years, available free of charge at the museum reception or to download. Young visitors are invited to follow Yakari and Rainbow through the exhibition to discover their tribe's precious objects.

Download the puzzle booklet

See the children's contributions

audioguide tours

  • On site, at the museum's audioguide counter (€5 full price, €3 reduced price)

educational pack

This pack is intended to connect the visit to the exhibitions with the classroom work led by the teacher: describing the theme and presentation of the exhibition, the educational pack offers lines of research for pupils and classroom activities to be carried out relating to some of the works exhibited and to the programmes studied.

Download the educational pack (pdf)

Reading room display case

Vitrine du salon de lecture, albums Jackson © musée du quai Branly, photo Alexandra Lebon
Reading room display case, Jackson albums © musée du quai Branly, photo by Alexandra Lebon


the “jackson” albums

In the Jacques Kerchache reading room, you can currently see the display case dedicated to "Jackson" albums. The musée du quai Branly holds one edition of the extremely rare albums of Photographs of North American Indians, which W. H. Jackson produced between 1876 and 1877.

Arts and Knowlege among the Plains Indians colloquium

Cape d'apparat population Sioux, Mandan, région des Plaines, États-Unis. Inv. 71.1886.17.1. © musée du quai Branly, photo Patrick Gries, Valérie Torre
Ceremonial cape, Sioux population, Mandan, plains region, United States. Inv. 71.1886.17.1. © musée du quai Branly, photo by Patrick Gries, Valérie Torre


wednesday 18 and thursday 19 june

This colloquium examines Indian iconographical traditions and the light cast by anthropology on the status of the image in transmission. The treatment of these images by contemporary artists is also studied.

  • International colloquium organised by the Department of Research and Education at the musée du quai Branly.
  • In the cinema
  • Free access with limited seating

Close-up on the reading room: Plains Indians, fascination and reinvention

zoom autour de l'exposition Indiens des Plaines
Zoom into the Plains Indians exhibition


from 2 may to 20 july, 2014

Encounters with historians, writers and conservators relating to a mythical collection and a number of publications, presenting more information on the North American Indians.

And every day, Tuesday through Sunday, more than 400 books, magazines and audiovisual materials are made available to the public.

Games online and in Paris


from monday 7 april to friday 18 april 2014

Saturday, March 29, during the night, two bison herds crossed Paris, appearing on several fronts ... Follow   @Wacochachi, a spirit of the Plains Indians, to discover  #lesbisons in Paris, collect clues and end your quest at the Before Indiens des Plaines !

Win: a weekend for two on a buffalo breeding farm,  pass Duo+ for a year, exhibition catalogues and tickets for a series of Notes d'encre.



spring holidays


from saturday 12 to sunday 27 april

During the Easter holidays, discover multiple facets of the culture of the Plains Indians through a large range of activities. On the programme is a film retrospective retracing developments in the representation of the figure of the Indian, a Before, an encounter with the authors of Yakari in the reading room, an electro pow-wow concert by A Tribe Called Red, a large number of workshops, narrated events and a variety of tours of the exhibition. 

See the programme in detail

Signing of the young adult work "Sitting Bull, le bison des Grandes Plaines"

Couverture de l'ouvrage "Sitting Bull, le bison des Grandes Plaines" - Click to enlarge, open in a new window
Cover of the work "Sitting Bull, le bison des Grandes Plaines"


sunday, april 13

Signing by author  Marylin Plénard and illustrator  Gopal Dagnogo of the work Sitting Bull, le bison des Grandes Plaines, published by À dos d'âne. 

Sitting Bull was the last great Indian chief of North America. His name resounds like that of a legend. More than this, he remains a monumental historical figure of the West, a fighter for freedom with an unforgettable story.

  • 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
  • Museum library

Film series

Affiche du Soldat bleu
Soldat Bleu poster


from saturday 12 to sunday 27 april

Programming proposed by Michael Ciment, critic and film historian. In parallel with the exhibition Indiens des plaines, the museum is presenting a retrospective of American film, tracing the development of the representation of the American Indian, more complex than they first appear. This retrospective invites the audience to rediscover films by Amerindian directors, who have recently become involved in cinema in order to present another vision and new historical depictions of their own history.

more about the cycle of film

Concert A tribe called red (Canada)

A Tribe Called Red © Pat Bolduc
A Tribe Called Red © Pat Bolduc


saturday 19 april at 6:00 pm

Natives of Ottawa, the three DJs of Ojibwas origin comprising A Tribe Called Red – DJ Shub, DJ NDN and Bear Witness – have created their own style, pow wow step, a mixture of traditional pow wow voices, percussion and electronic music.

  • Foyer of the Claude Lévi-Strauss Theatre
  • Free access on presentation of a ticket, valid for the same day, to the permanent collections and/or the temporary exhibitions, subject to available places
  • more about the concert