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By night in Colombia

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From 17th September 2013 to 2nd February 2014

  • West mezzanine
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  • Christine Barthe, manager of the Heritage Unit of the photographic collections at the musée du quai Branly 

This exhibition takes place in the context of the 4th edition of Photoquai, biennial of world images produced by the musée du quai Branly. 

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About the exhibition


The exhibition aims to provide specific insight into four major Colombian artists, each of whom have constructed a specific work that broadly examines our relationship to photographic images. Juan Manuel Echavarría (Medellin, 1947), José Alejandro Restrepo (Bogota, 1959), Miguel Ángel Rojas (Bogota, 1946) and Oscar Muñoz (Popayan, 1951) are the descendants of many generations who have experienced different stages of an uninterrupted civil war. While their work cannot be reduced to this common issue, this global creative context must be emphasised.


The exhibition is organised as a succession of four sections, one per artist. This choice of presenting a smaller selection of artists has enabled each one to be given a genuine space and to construct an overall theme conveyed by the comparison of their respective works. The exhibition enables the viewer to understand the works by highlighting their plastic qualities. It also expresses the relationship between the works and photographic imagery, narrative, filmed image and the spoken word. All the four artists have very different artistic practices, they each emphasise the fine boundary between film and photography and deeply question the unstable status of these images.

This comparison results in recurring figures and similar questions. The notion of a distanced witness takes on many different forms in several works which play with the ductility of the image and even its materiality. Here, the memorial function of the image is questioned, disassembled, demonstrated and reactivated in forms that blur the traditional frontiers between the different media. This freedom to reuse and to pass from one form to another, far from being employed simply to demonstrate the photographer's virtuosity, is used rather to develop the thought process surrounding the images. 

Educational pack

This pack is intended to establish a link between the visit to the exhibitions and the work undertaken in the classroom by the teacher. It describes the theme and presents the exhibition and offers study and classroom activity suggestions related to some of the works exhibited and to the curriculum.
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