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  • exhibition guide Baba Bling, 272 pages, 25 € approx. Singapore Peranakan Museum
  • special issue Baba Bling, Beaux-Arts Magazine
guide of the Peranakan museum

around the Baba Bling exhibition

Along with the exhibition BABA BLING, interior signs of wealth in Singapore, the museum offers several activities for old and young people.

In the exhibition

Slippers © Collection of the Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore


Within the exhibition BABA BLING, interior signs of wealth in Singapore, the Baba studio is a playful space where children aged 3 to 12 can touch fabrics, discover unknown smells, listen to a story or music, touch artefacts and have fun discovering the Peranakan culture! Baba studio also has a photo studio where you can put on some costumes and pose for a picture!


What do you eat in Singapore? How do you dress when you get married? To get the answers to these questions, follow Kim! She will show you her Singapore home and invite you to take part in three games displayed on three touch screens placed within the exhibition. These will help you better understand the Peranakan lifestyle.


What if you were invited to live with a Singapore Peranakan family? Listen to the secrets of the Babas and Nonyas who lived in this house at the beginning of the 20th century. They will take you on an original immersion voyage to discover their luxurious and refined culture.

In French and English, from 7 years up.

Exhibition visits and workshops

narrated visit© musée du quai Branly, photo Pomme Célarié


* Baba narrated visit, for children 3 years and up

* Singapore narrated visit, for children 6 years and up

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* guided tour of the exhibition

* guided tour of the exhibition in French sign language

Saturday 18th December 2010 2 pm.

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* Workshop Baba etiquette, globetrotters in Singapore, for children 6 years and up

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Singapore Festivarts

8th-10th October, 29th-31st October and 18th-28th November 2010



The merchant city of Singapore is a cross-cultural island that borders China and lies on Malaysia's doorstep. It is one of the Pacific's most important geographic regions and is a fertile ground for contemporary artistic production.

In partnership with the National Arts Council of Singapore, the Singapore Festivarts features some of today’s most creative dance, theatre and musical companies!

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The Finger Players © National Arts Council Singapore


* Finger Players workshop - Singapore puppetry, all ages (9 years and up)

Go backstage with the Fingers Players - a hand and puppet theatre.

Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st November 11:30 am and 2:30 pm

* mime workshop with Ramesh Meyyappan, all ages, accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing

Discover mime with the virtuoso Ramesh Meyyappan!

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th November 11:30 am

All Saints Day in Singapore

© image courtesy of Benjamin Seck

25th - 31st October 2010



The museum offers you the opportunity to experience an exceptional week with the Chinese Diaspora of Singapore. In partnership with the Peranakan museum of Singapore, this week-long event will take you to the heart of the Peranakan culture: initiation to traditional dancing, batik and embroidery demonstrations, Peranakan delicacy tasting, narrated Baba visit: any excuse to go on an adventure!

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