The Varan workshop meetings

South-African Chronicles © Ateliers Varan
Voy por Voz © D.F. Hernandez / Ateliers Varan

The museum devotes much of the season to documentaries by regularly showcasing the Varan workshops, a training centre for documentary film making (in France and abroad). Throughout the year, the museum will put on evening showings of the films made during their workshops abroad.

In the tradition of the direct cinema of Rouch, Leacock, Perrault and Wiseman, we learn how to reveal daily realities and to express cultural identity through images and sounds. The evening showings at the Museum will enable the public to discover some of the films created during the workshops abroad.

Thursday October 11th at 6:30 p.m.

Documentary screening of a film created during the South Africa workshop, by the Varan Workshop of Johannesburg.

Chroniques Sud-Africaines, 1988, 105 min

These chronicles, created by 12 young film makers, offer a unique insight of the daily violence of the Apartheid regime in each of their communities. There is no speech, ‘scoop’ or spectacular violence, but a close ‘physical’ contact with daily life. The mere comparison of these places is explosive.

Thursday November 29th 2007 at 6:30 p.m.

Screening of 3 documentaries created by the Varan Workshop in Colombia

Discreto encanto (Discreet charm), by Daniela Luque, 2000, 25 min

A school for the early mental stimulation of upper middle class babies in Bogota. An artificial oasis in the middle of a country at war.

Esperando, by Daniela Luque, 2000, 51 min

In an institute, young women prepare to give birth to their baby and then give them up for adoption. A couple hopes to adopt one.

Voy por voz, by Diego Fernando Hernandez, 2002, 26 min

Ilona sings for a living. But especially to escape from the tough environment in which she has grown up. She is beautiful and has a magnificent voice.