Before Ethno Cocktails

identity cocktail hour


On March 7, you have an appointment over a drink with young ethnologists.

They come to meet you to talk about their personal experience.

What is the discipline of the ethnologist?

What is the terrain?

Benefit by posing them all the questions on your mind…the excess of ideas greatly benefits opening the mind! Drink responsibly!

Rendezvous in the Foyer-Theater Bar, on the Lower Garden level, from 7pm.
The Theater Bar will be open from 6pm.

the guests

Nathalie Brown, historian, specialist of Aztec civilization in Mexico.

Vanessa Caru, writing a dissertation in history, interested in the social history of the textile neighborhoods of Bombay.

Magali De Ruyter, PhD student in ethnomusicology, music and society among the Babongo pygmies and their neighbors (Gabon).

Vincent Hickman, musician, traveler and passionate about musical encounters, has conducted research in ethnology on the music of southern Madagascar, the mbira (lamellophone) players of Zimbabwe and in Burkina Faso.

Yoann Moreau, anthropologist, interested in peoples subject to climatic hazards, specialist in Japan and the Amazon.

Estelle Sohier, historian, passionate about the history of Ethiopia and images of royalty in Africa.

Anne-Christine Trémon, anthropologist, conducts research in French Polynesia and in Taiwan on questions of ethnicity and migration.

Nadia Vargaftig, PhD student in History, studies colonial culture in Europe between the two World Wars.