introductory visits to the museum

the place

museum © musée du quai Branly, photo Nicolas Borel


Enter into the ‘behind the scenes’ of a dynamic and innovative museum...

This visit offers the opportunity to understand the architectural and museographic project of Jean Nouvel, from the layout of the exterior volumes to the organization of displays and lighting: Collections Floor, glass tower of instruments, terrace with a view of Paris…

A method of otherwise capturing the role of a bridge between cultures that the museum plays.

Duration: 1.30

Group tariff : 150 € + 6 €/person for the "Permanent Collections" entry ticket (instead of 8.50€)

the garden © musée du quai Branly, photo Cyrille Weiner


“Clear” a new garden of 2 hectares in the heart of Paris.

The natural and abundant encasing of the collections, the garden designed by Gilles Clément conceals a number of distinctive features. Discover secret paths and clearings, palisades, small hills, mazes, and pools fit for meditation and day-dreaming…without forgetting the technical prowess of the living wall by Patrick Blanc! Behind the design of the spaces, two visions of nature complete each other in harmony: tribal animism and current concerns for sustainable development.

Duration: 1h

Group tariff : 130 € (no entry ticket to buy)

the visit is recommended from spring to fall

the collections

Oceania collections © musée du quai Branly, photo Lois Lammerhuber


The world tour in 1.5 hours!

This route conceived around a selection of masterpieces offers an ideal first experience of the museum and its collections. Crossing all the continents, discover the diversity and wealth of numerous cultures and their relationship with our western world.

Duration: 1.30

Group tariff: 150 € + 6 €/person for the "Permanent Collections" entry ticket (instead of 8.50€)

© musée du quai Branly


The dialogue of cultures...

Discover the permanent collections through a cross-cutting perspective of mixing. Beyond their association with one culture, the objects reveal histories of encounters, mixing of influences between different civilizations and multiple continents.

Duration: 1h

Group tariff: 130 € + 6 €/person for the "Permanent Collections" entry ticket (instead of 8.50€).

how to reserve?

Only by telephone at 01 56 61 71 72 (Monday to Friday from 10am to 4:30pm), at least two weeks in advance.