The Other Walk

an installation by Trinh T. Minh-ha and Jean-Paul Bourdier

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This installation was presented on the ramp from June 2006 to June 2009.

It is often said in Asia that the miracle is not walking on water but walking on the ground. Walking is an experience of indefiniteness and of infinity. With each step forward, one receives the gifts of the universe.

The passage along the ramp of the other into oneself, of the route taken between images, sounds and aphorisms, or between the said and the seen, is an initiation walk through in Asian, African and American cultures. Each step helps to shape a dynamic relationship between the passage, passer-bys and passing time. The questions raised by the sensory experience may incite the visitor to reflect on their activity at that precise moment as visitor–spectator-researcher.

Meaning changes with every step and with the appearance and disappearance of the illuminated aphorisms. The journey along the ramp becomes like a “rite of passage”. The sounds and visual rhythms set the pace for a fluid movement between the “Transition”, “Transformation”, and “Opening” stages.

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A particular rhythm, sound and music correspond to each stage of L’Autre marche.  A sequence of images from a specific culture (Senegal: Toucouleur, Mandingue, Diola and Soninke; Yemen; Vietnam; China; Japan; Indonesia; America) corresponds to each screen. 

The visitor becomes aware of themselves, the Other and the World in the space between. Passing both inside and outside the museum, the journey along the ramp is also the passage from the human world to the vegetable, animal and mineral world.  Access to another world is achieved by works which seem to go beyond the limits of the visual world. Indeed, the works oscillate between the immateriality of the light-image projections and the sound resonances and the materiality of the artefacts exhibited in the museum.


The installation includes:

- 19 digital video sequences projected onto screens, the floor and the two side walls of the ramp;
- 3 auditory sequences;
- 19 aphorisms projected on the floor, the guard-rails and the walls of the ramp.


The exhibition path



Each step brings the world closer to us

(With translations in Arabic, Chinese and Swahili)

The museum "in-between"

The illusion of a stable trail in the river

The watching image





With each step, a flower blooms beneath our feet

(With translations in Korean, Portuguese, Bahasa and Russian)

The other’s speed
Another time

In the present moment, time is infinite

Not descriptive
Not informative
Not interesting

The finger pointing to the moon is not the moon

Seeing voiceless
Blind voice




Learning to walk again

(with translations in Spanish, Farsi and Ancient Egyptian)

this image that I am
with the other’s ear
to know through non-knowing
moving into oneself opens onto the Other
the world is like a drop of dew that evaporates
with the first rays of sunlight (Sereer Proverb)

© musée du quai Branly, photos by Nicolas Borel