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17 April


Le jardin du musée a été conçu par le paysagiste Gilles Clément, grâce au mécénat de la Fondation d’entreprise GDF SUEZ.

Le module 360+ a été développé grâce au mécénat de Jean-Philippe Camus.

the garden

Designed by Gilles Clément, the garden is an integral part of the museum: a bushy garden, sheltered from the noise of the quai by a high glass fence, it stretches over 18,000m² and provides an impression of abundance for those strolling past (visitors to the museum, residents in the area, walkers).

Exploring the garden with the 360+ module

An innovative piece of technology, the 360+ immersion module enables the user to visit the museum garden as if he was really there, guided by the commentary of Gilles Clément.

With 360° shots, superimposed video and audio commentary from the landscaper, this technology offers the user an intuitive way of finding his way round for a very original visit to the garden of the musée du quai Branly:  simple to use immersive video allows him let his gaze wander freely, move about and change direction at any time.


 navigating within module 360+

  1. Press the button marked "Lecture" to start the video
  2. Click with your mouse and hold to change the point of view
  3. Use the menu bar which appears at the bottom
  4. You can also view the module full screen in a new window

Discovering the garden

A place of nature and culture, the garden is an "invitation to go on a journey": pathways, small hills, tracks paved with river stones, ponds conducive to meditation and dreaming... 169 trees and approximately thirty plant species have been brought together: oaks and maples on the north side, magnolias and cherry trees on the south side.

Thanks to its stilts construction, the garden passes underneath the museum, the belly of which is planted with grassy undergrowth: here visitors to the museums will find the ticket counters, on the outside. The garden also encloses a théâtre de verdure that hosts shows, lectures and concerts in the open air.

The garden through the seasons